Government Resources

The following are a short list of government web sites providing useful information on different aspects of sustainable foodservice. Most of these links are also found within the various topics on this site.

Department of Energy

Building Technologies Program
A federal funded program within the Department of Energy that promotes energy efficiency in buildings. This is a great place to get a basic understanding and develop a plan for building green.

Federal Energy Management Program
A federal funded program within the Department of Energy that promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources at federal sites. The site is geared towards federal buildings with info on federal regulations and such, but overall it provides useful information for anyone constructing or managing a commercial building.

Green Power Network
Site maintained by theNational Renewable Energy Laboratory for theU.S. Department of Energy that provides news and information on green power markets and their related activities.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Federal research and development laboratory for renewable energies whose web site provides helpful information on using renewable energies. Click on the 'Learning About Renewables' link.

Energy Star

Buildings & Plants
Various resources and information on building efficiency with Energy Star

Directory of Energy Efficiency Programs
Lists by state, organizations providing energy efficiency programs that have partnered with Energy Star. This is only a partial, incomplete list. Check with your local utility and search under the "Rebate Programs" link on this site.

For Restaurants
Comprehensive page dedicated to energy efficiency in foodservice facilities. The page contains fact sheets, guidebooks, tutorials, success stories and a long list of Energy Star products often used in restaurants.

Environmental Protection Agency

Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
EPA site that lists recommendations and guidelines for government agency buyers to purchasing recycled content products

Environmental Protection Agency 'Wastes' Page
Provides detailed information on recycling and disposing of various hazardous and non-hazardous materials

Retail Industry Portal
Portal that provides the many programs and resources available to help prevent and resolve environmental issues at retail establishments

IRS & Non-Governmental Tax Information

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
Thank you, Energy Star! Someone in this department actually knows what they are doing. This link lists available federal tax credits AND the IRS forms needed to report the credits.

Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP)
Site sponsored by a coalition of non-profit organizations that provides detailed information on federal tax credits for energy efficient products and technologies

IRS - Energy Incentives for Individuals in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,,id=153397,00.html
The details on residential energy efficiency tax credits from the Man himself

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency - Federal Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
List of most all tax incentives, grants and loans available to businesses and individuals for energy efficient measures


General Services Administration - 'Environmental' Products List
The GSA is the Wal-Mart of the federal government. Federal agency buyers can purchase virtually anything here including items from the 'Environmental' products list. This is a good place to find the occasional item like a folding table made with recycled content. However, you cannot buy things from this site unless you are part of a government agency.

State Food Recovery Resource List
List of food banks nation wide

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