The foodservice industry is a huge and growing market in the American economy. It is also one of the most wasteful and energy intensive sectors. According to the Department of Energy, foodservice establishments are the most energy intensive consumers in the entire commercial sector. That means all the little mom and pop restaurants consume more energy per square foot than all the retail Goliaths like Wal-Mart, a lot more. For this reason, the foodservice industry needs to start a movement towards sustainability. Wasteful consumption and over consumption are not only financially unfavorable, they are also environmentally damaging.  

Sustainablefoodservice.com hopes to help reduce that harmful impact by educating personnel in the foodservice industry on their business' effect on the environment and ways to reduce their facility's environmental footprint while saving money in the process. Through this web site I also wish to involve and encourage the manufacturing companies to continually improve their products and push for increased research, real world data and availability of efficient and sustainable products.

Paul Kuck, a restaurateur from Oregon, created sustainablefoodservice.com after struggling to find information on sustainable goods and practices for restaurants while opening a new restaurant in 2002. The amount of information and products available on the web has grown exponentially since 2002, but is still scattered across a wide variety of web sites. This web site will bring information on green foodservice together onto one site composed of practical information, research, news, products, web tools and links to other sites providing this information.

As the industry continues to expand and move towards sustainability, so will this site. New products, information, social and political issues are coming on-line on a weekly basis. The web site will continually evolve to capture the new information.

If you have questions, comments or information to add to the site, please email Paul at email address regarding the information and a web link if applicable.

If you are selling or developing a product, I will be posting info on products deemed relevant to the topic. I also offer an advertising program for companies interested in promoting their product or service on the site. Again, contact Paul regarding products or advertising.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy.

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