Biodegradable Foodservice Products

This is a list of some of the companies manufacturing biodegradable foodservice packaging and products. See the BPI link at the bottom of the page for additional companies and products. The information and description of the following companies was taken from their own web site. Sustainable Foodservice Consulting does not sell or distribute any of these products, and makes no claims of quality or accuracy of the companies claims or their products.

Be Green Packaging
Bulrush food containers

BioBag USA
Compostable Mater-Bi bags and films

Bio Green Int
Disposable tableware, bio-waste bags, carrier bags, rigid packaging, and flexible packaging made from tapioca and corn

Birch wood cutlery

Bio-plastics developer

Cedar Grove Packaging
Bio-plastics developer

Chamness Biodegradables
Biodegradable, compostable packaging, serveware and bakeware.

Earthcycle Packaging
Palm fiber packaging

Bamboo, sugar cane and starch food packaging

Wood cutlery and palm leaf plates and bowls

Wide variety of biodegradable and recycled content foodservice ware

Bowls and plates made from Areca leaves

Eco Zen
Bowls and plates made from Areca leaves

Bio-plastic and recycled PET packaging

Bagasse disposable foodservice products

Bio-plastic food containers

Green Eco Paradise
Various biodegradable products

Green Good
NatureWorks bio-plastic, bagasse and recycled content food containers

Biodegradable plastic bags, tableware’s, utensil or cutleries, food service containers, garbage bags and seeding bags from corn starch

Heritage Bag Company
BioTuf bio-plastic garbage bags

Innovia Films
Biodegradable films

London BioPackaging
Foodservice products made from various compostable materials and recycled plastics

Bio-plastics developer

Bioplastics developer. Subsidiary of Cargill.

Bio-plastics developer

Bagasse tableware

Repurpose Compostables
Biodegradable tableware, cups, taster cups and sushi trays.

Manufacturer of traditional and compostable pulp foodservice products and packaging

Compostable party and catering ware. Made in the USA.

Stalk Market
Bagasse foodservice products and packaging

Potato starch cutlery, tableware and foodservice containers

Biodegradable and durable foodservice packaging made from wheat straw and bamboo. Made in the USA.

Corn and potato starch cutlery and bagasse foodservice containers

Tableware made from leaves

High-end Japanese design tableware made from bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse

World Centric
A wide variety of plant fiber and PLA foodservice and other biodegradable products


Additional Biodegradable Product Resources

Biodegradable Products Institute
Certifier of biodegradable products. Site contains a list of certified products and companies.

Sustainable Food Service Ware Distributors
Chart produce by the City of Millbrae CA, listing biodegradable product distributors and the products they sell.

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