Foreign fishermen confined to boats catch Hawaiian seafood

Hawaii's high-quality seafood is sold with the promise that it's caught by local, hard-working fishermen. But the people who haul in the prized catch are almost all undocumented foreign workers, confined to American boats for years at a time without basic rights or protections.

Greenpeace takes aim at not-so-sustainable seafood

From trendy sustainable sushi restaurants to illegal fishing showdowns reminiscent of action movie plots, concerns about over-fishing and the volatile state of the world's oceans are now more widely recognized than ever.

Let them eat bugs: US startup sees future of sustainable food in creepy crawlies

The experiment started inside the laundry room of an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, where the two college students created a nursery for 700 larvae of black soldier flies they bought on Amazon for $20. Sean Warner and Patrick Pittaluga weren't raising the writhing bugs as pets. They were raising food for animals.

Should Livestock Eat Garbage Instead of Grain?

Feeding food waste to farm animals could help solve major environmental and social problems—all while saving money.

Food Rescue and Social Responsibility: A Conversation with FoodBridge

FoodBridge is a collaborative effort between local businesses and nonprofit leaders to address food waste and hunger in local communities. Working with commercial food brokers and food distributors, FoodBridge tries to redirect waste from the food service industry into the hands of those in need.

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