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USDA, EPA set nation's first food-waste reduction goals

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled Wednesday the first-ever national goals for reducing food waste, calling for a 50-percent reduction within 15 years.

Plastic for dinner: A quarter of fish sold at markets contain man-made debris

Roughly a quarter of the fish sampled from fish markets in California and Indonesia contained man-made debris — plastic or fibrous material — in their guts, according to a study from the University of California, Davis, and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia.

Shredding Our Way to a Greener Foodservice Operation

In today's foodservice industry, everyone wants to be more environmentally friendly and the corporate dining team at Freddie Mac is no exception.

Supply-chain study: Consumers demand sustainable food products

Although today's food-supply chain infrastructure is efficient, the underlying assumptions that form its foundation are becoming less relevant. Consumers are demanding more locally sourced, fresh and sustainable food products from companies that are environmental stewards and good corporate citizens, Technomic Executive Vice President Bob Goldin said in "Food Industry Logistics: Trends That Matter," a whitepaper compiled by Technomic and Deloitte & Touche Advisory.

Bin sizes and food waste collections impact recycling rates

A NEW report by WRAP has found that factors within council authority control, such as bin sizes and food waste collections, account for the biggest variations in recycling rates, explaining up to 65% of the variation in recycling rates between councils.

Water use in largest companies tracked

MCDONALD'S, COCA-COLA and Tesco are among the 62 food and drink companies involved in the first ever assessment of corporate water management. In all, 700 of the world's largest companies are expected to disclose information on their efforts to reduce water use as part of a new project run by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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