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Overcoming the Concerns That Arise with Green Cleaning

It might seem a bit strange to find an article advocating green cleaning in a publication whose readers already understand the merits of cleaning and operating their facilities in a more environmentally preferable manner. This is even more true when discussing the value of green cleaning to the lodging industry, which has been at the forefront when it comes to implementing green cleaning. (Full Article)

Specifying Energy-Efficient Ranges

Ranges have a unique position in the energy efficiency conversation. As it is, there really is no such thing as an "energy-efficient range," per se. In fact, no Energy Star rating exists for ranges and some states don't offer rebates for this equipment. But with the right specification and maintenance, foodservice operators can achieve energy efficiency and savings with their ranges. (Full Article)

How one QSR maintains a low employee turnover rate

The National Restaurant Association has cited a 75 percent employee turnover rate in the industry. Considering the costs associated with replacing a single employee average more than $3,000, retention has long been a bane on quick-service restaurants' bottom line. (Full Article)

Tips for Green Products and Cleaners

When researching environmentally friendly options it is easy to become confused by greenwashing, which overpromises the impact of certain products. With this in mind, it helps to have a few tips on what to look for when navigating the forest of green options. (Full Article)

Sustainable Planet, Sustainable Business: Connecting the Food System and Commercial Kitchens of the Future

The country's move toward a more sustainable food system will impact kitchen design and foodservice equipment specification in the future. We've reached a point where you might hear "sustainability" or "sustainable" every single day. But amidst our almost automatic use of those words, it's easy to forget what sustainability really means. And, what it means in business. (Full Article)

Reimagined Lighting (Lighting of the Future)

Imagine being able to brighten, expose or dim light according to our natural circadian rhythms to prevent sickness and enhance our moods. Imagine being able to beautifully light a space with just a third of the number of bulbs normally used and a third of the typical amount of energy. (Full Article)

SCA Tork's 2012 Green Business Survey: 'Green' and 'Sustainable' the New Norm

The "green" movement has become a pressing issue in multiple industries, particularly in restaurants and food service. Restaurateurs have to decide how they will effectively incorporate sustainability into their business practice. These concerns are reflected in SCA's fourth Green Business Survey which clearly shows that the green movement is not a trend and that consumers expect brands they trust to make a commitment to sustainability. SCA is a global personal hygiene product company ranked as one of the world's most sustainable companies and maker of the Tork Brand. (Full Article)

Tired of Flushing Your Dollars Down the Toilet?

Was your property built before 1993? If so, chances are you're losing money with every flush and use of the sink and shower. After all, you can't control your hotel guest's use of utilities. However, you can control your operating costs, and through simple, environmentally friendly renovations to plumbing and electric, you can significantly lower expensive water/sewer and electric bills. (Full Article)

Water use must be more efficient

GLOBAL LEADERS at the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm have called for substantial increases in public and private sector investment to reduce losses of food in the supply chain, enhance water efficiency in agriculture and curb consumer waste. (Full Article)

The Drive toward Zero Energy Waste

Many foodservice operators continue to explore zero food waste initiatives. But why not take that line of thinking one step further to strive for zero energy waste? That was the challenge presented to more than 200 foodservice professionals from all industry segments � including many chain and non-commercial operators � by Don Fisher, co-founder of the Food Service Technology Center. Fisher made this challenge during FSTC's 25th anniversary celebration earlier this month. (Full Article)

Food Service Technology Center celebrates 25th anniversary

The Food Service Technology Center, a scientific education and testing facility for the benchmarking of sustainable, energy efficient equipment in commercial kitchens, celebrated its 25th anniversary this month with a special symposium at its headquarters in San Ramon, Calif. (Full Article)

Food Waste 'Causes Losses Throughout the Supply Chain

Grocery stores and other retail food sellers are losing as much as $15 billion a year in unsold fruits and vegetables alone, with about half of the U.S. supply going uneaten, according to an analysis on food waste by the National Resources Defense Council. (Full Article)

Aluminum cans, BPA and food safety

When I was trying to research a 2007 piece about the safety of different types of water bottles, finding reliable research on bisphenol A was tough. Flash forward to this year, when the FDA banned the chemical in baby bottles and sippy cups but declined to do the same with food and beverage containers, including aluminum cans. (Full Article)

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