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Illinois' Solution To Hunger? Asian Carp

Minced Asian carp tacos? How about spaghetti with carp sauce? Illinois officials hope serving the invasive species on a plate is the creative solution to two big problems: controlling the plankton-gobbling carp from entering the Great Lakes and record numbers of people facing hunger. But the idea has major obstacles, mainly overcoming people's nose-crinkling response to eating a fish that grows to 100 pounds and is able to sail out of the water a trait spotlighted in YouTube videos.(Full Article)

World Menu Report 2 - Sustainable kitchens

Unilever has released a new report that surveys consumer's attitudes towards sustainable restaurants and specifically restaurants that are addressing food waste. (Full Article)

A War Against Food Waste

A food industry alliance is planning a three-year initiative to reduce the tremendous amount of food that Americans still throw in the garbage even as they grow somewhat more conscientious about recycling paper and yard trimmings. (Full Article)

It's Time to Eliminate Single-Use Bottles from Your Property

Have you kicked the bottled water habit yet? If you run a hotel that has a restaurant, meeting space and that also offers room service, you definitely need to consider a water filtration/dispensing system to eliminate single-use plastic and glass bottled water. I learned about filtration/dispensing systems the last couple of weeks (see article) and highly recommend them. There are a number of vendors that supply these systems; the systems are available in different sizes. Typically, glass bottles are provided with either the vendor's logo or a hotel property's logo. When using a water filtration/dispensing system you can charge for premium bottled water (from $2 to $10 a bottle). Imagine that�actually making money while dramatically helping the environment at the same time! A no brainer. (Full Article)

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance

Grabbing a grouper fillet from a fish market or a grouper sandwich from a dockside restaurant is a staple of life along the Gulf Coast. The problem, though, is there's a very good chance that white fillet being enjoyed is not really grouper. It could be cod, Nile perch, or, heaven forbid, Vietnamese catfish! (Full Article)

It's easy being green: How to make your restaurant eco-friendlier

Restaurants embracing the green movement may have an easier time staying in the black, according to a recent survey from SCA's Tork brand that polled more than 6,000 Americans from 2009 to 2011. (Full Article)

Chipotle Cultivate Foundation created to support sustainability groups

Chipotle Mexican Grill has created the "Chipotle Cultivate Foundation," a new foundation aimed at supporting people, organizations and institutions committed to promoting sustainability. (Full Article)

New Book Provides Roadmap for Greening F&B Operations

It is highly unusual for books having to do with sustainability to be published in our industry but in the last two weeks there were announcements about two new books. The books include: "Greening Food and Beverage Services: A Green Seal Guide to Transforming the Industry," and "Hotel Sustainable Development: Principles and Best Practices." Both books are published by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. In this column I will address the first book; in a future column I will cover the second book. (Full Article)

FSTC Website Full of Tips on Ways to Save in Your Kitchen

When it comes to energy and water waste at your property, is your kitchen your worst enemy or your friend? I recently spoke with Richard Young, senior engineer, director of education, Food Service Technology Center (FSTC), San Ramon, Calif., and he told me the average restaurant kitchen uses five to seven times more energy per square foot than the rest of the building. (See related article.) Do you really know how much energy and water is consumed in your kitchen(s)? If you are submetering, you will know. If you are not doing that, you are just guessing each month. (Full Article)

Marketing sustainability: A consumer-centric approach

Eighty-nine percent of consumers in the United States are participating in the world of sustainability, according to new research from The Hartman Group. Tamara Barnett presented the group's new findings during the Truitt Bros. Northwest Discovery Tour session, Marketing Sustainability. (Full Article)

Energy Efficiency and Warewashers

Reducing water consumption reduces costs and is the greatest energy savings available for warewashers. Ten years ago, a typical flight-type dishwasher used 300 gallons per hour of final rinse water, but today there are flight-type machines with a similar throughput that use as little as 60 to 90 gallons of water per hour. (Full Article)

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