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How Well Do Your Employees Know Your Green Commitment?

You can invest heavily in greening up your lodging establishment but without ongoing staff training I guarantee that your green property will never reach its potential or meet staff and guest expectations. Even hotels with reputations as leaders in lodging's environmental movement can struggle with staff training. (Full Article) Posted: 09-26-10

From Chefs to Local Foods Foragers, Bon Appetit Keeps Its Eye on the Prize

Bon Appetit is a national sustainable-minded food catering company servicing many of the large institutions in our local communities--museums, universities, etc. But now they want to get even more local, with their announcement this week that 15 of their top chefs and managers will switch roles and become "foragers," essentially scouts for high-quality local foods grown within 150 miles of the Bon Appetit kitchen. The company wants to add 1,000 local partners to their Farm to Fork Network by next year--hence the latest push. (Full Article) Posted: 09-26-10

New Wine In Old Bottles: The Greenest Way To Drink

Whenever there is a discussion about wine packaging, TreeHugger comes down on the side of local and refillable. We return often to TreeHugger Emeritus Ruben Anderson's article in the Tyee: New Wine in Old Bottles, where he notes that in France, wine bottles are refilled an average of eight times. Now they even have computerized wine dispensers where you can fill your own jugs with vin de table for about two bucks a litre. (Full Article) Posted: 09-21-10

Misunderstandings About Green Pest Management Clarified

"Green" is everywhere we look in today's marketplace�"green building," "green cleaning," "green energy," "green cars," and yes, "green pest management." But what's in a name? Isn't "green" pest management just another name for IPM (integrated pest management)? IPM has been around for a long time. The stated goal of IPM has always been to reduce the impact of pesticides on people and the environment. Isn't that "green" pest management? Or, is "green" truly different than the way we have practiced pest management in the past, even IPM? (Full Article) Posted: 09-21-10

Planning store layouts? Consider the recycling and composting trend

As I travel the country, I see more and more operators, universities, airports and hotels collecting recyclables and compostables. If you're planning new stores � or renovating existing ones � think about how collection of recyclable or compostable items could be integrated into those layouts.(Full Article) Posted: 09-08-10

Lab Results Raise New Concerns Over Gulf Seafood

A Boston lab hired by the United Commercial Fishermen's Association to analyze coastal fishing waters says findings suggest the government's claim that Gulf of Mexico seafood is safe to eat may be premature.(Full Article) Posted: 09-08-10

12 Most Toxic Fish (For Humans and the Planet)

Food & Water Watch just released its 2010 Smart Seafood Guide to the safety and sustainability of more than 100 kinds of fish and shellfish. (Full Article) Posted: 09-8-10

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