Archives - September 2009

Vu1 Shows Off Its Bulbs

After five years of development, lighting company Vu1 in September made its first public demonstration of its technology. The Seattle-based company�s Electron Stimulated Luminescence technology accelerates electrons, which stimulates phosphor within the bulb, creating light. The result is better quality, dimmable light than that of compact fluorescent lights, without the mercury that CFLs contain, Vu1 says. As an efficiency target, Vu1 is looking to make its bulbs two-thirds more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. (Full Article) Posted: 9-28-09

Compostable Specifications for Foodservice Ware to Be Released

On September 30, the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative (SBC) and the Business-NGO Working Group will release the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Specifications for Compostable Biobased Food Service Ware�also known as "BioSpecs." The BioSpecs, which have been under development for two years by a broad coalition of stakeholders, will be introduced to industry leaders at the Biopolymer Symposium 2009 in Chicago. (Full Article) Posted: 9-25-09

New NRA Partnership Encourages Restaurants to Reduce Food Waste

The National Restaurant Association is strengthening its support of food-donation programs with a new partnership with the Food Donation Connection (FDC), an organization that works to help foodservice companies reduce food waste and feed those in need. The association also recognized three U.S. senators for their efforts to fight world hunger. (Full Article) Posted: 9-24-09

Starbucks Kicks Off Cup-Recycling Pilot Program in NYC

Starbucks launched a pilot program in seven New York stores last week that could help the company move toward its goal of making all of its coffee cups recyclable by 2012. (Full Article) Posted: 9-19-09

Aramark Introduces Reusable To-Go Containers on Campuses

College students returning to campus this fall will find a new addition to their list of campus essentials: a re-usable �to go� food container for use at the campus dining hall. ARAMARK Higher Education, a world leader in providing professional services to more than 600 colleges and universities throughout North America, will introduce the Green Thread� �to go� container program at many of the campuses it serves, diverting more than two million disposables from landfills during the 2009-2010 school year. (Full Article) Posted: 9-19-09

A New Waste Age for Restaurants

By necessity, the trash and recycling area at Chez Pascal in Providence, R.I., is a picture of organization. If cardboard boxes, trash bags or milk crates block the Dumpster on pick-up day, the waste hauler won�t empty it. The same goes for the cardboard-and-paper recycling bin, the two glass-recycling containers and the oil drum. (Full Article) Posted: 9-14-09

Ecotrust Releases Salmon Lifecycle Assessment

The Global Salmon LCA is the first worldwide life-cycle assessment (LCA) of a single food product. Lead partners in the project are Dalhousie University, Ecotrust, and SIK � The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology. (Full Article) Posted: 9-14-09

ANSI Approves Green Seal Standard for Restaurants

Green Seal's certification standard for restaurants and foodservice operations has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), making the guidelines the first of their kind to be nationally recognized, Green Seal said today. (Full Article) Posted: 9-10-09

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