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Ecolab and Site Controls Collaborate to Bring Energy Management

Ecolab Inc. announced today, that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Site Controls, LLC, a leading provider of energy management and business intelligence solutions. Under terms of the agreement, Ecolab will make a minority investment in Site Controls and create a joint venture called Total Enterprise Control (TEC), which will focus on providing energy management and remote monitoring solutions to Ecolab’s customers. (Full Article) 9-27-07

Fisher, UR Nourish Students With More Locally Produced Foods

Trying to nourish a household with foods from nearby farms is one thing. Feeding a campus (or other private or public entity of size) is something entirely different.

Yet two institutions of higher education have made significant inroads to find the food less traveled. (Full Article) 9-25-07

Green Is Getting Easier (Part I)

With a melancholy melody in the background, our muppet friend shared with us through song that being green was not easy. In fairness to Kermit the Frog, his plea may have been accurate back then. But times have changed. Being green is getting easier. It is becoming more popular. And, dare I suggest, it is even becoming profitable. (Full Article) 9-25-07

All About: Food waste

When the average person contemplates the issues surrounding landfills, it's doubtful they give much consideration to the tons of food that fill them. (Full Article) 9-24-07

Note: For additional info on biogas, see "From Leftovers to Energy" in the June '07 archives.

Lunch With Alice Waters, Food Revolutionary

WHEN Alice Waters is coming over to cook lunch, the first thing you do is look around your house and think, I live in a dump.

Then you take an inventory of the pantry. The bottles of Greek and Portuguese olive oil, once a point of pride, suddenly seem inadequate. And should you hide the box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran and jettison those two cans of Diet Pepsi? (Full Article) 9-20-07

Safeway Unveils First Solar-Powered Grocery Store

Safeway Inc. one of the largest retail investors in renewable energy, today announced a new environmental project to power 23 California stores with renewable solar energy. The company installed solar panels atop a newly renovated Safeway Lifestyle store in Dublin, California and plans to extend the program to nearly two dozen stores as part of a broader renewable energy initiative. (Full Article) 9-13-07

Sierra Nevada Brewery: Beer Powered by the Sun

By the end of this month, the Sierra Nevada Brewery will be almost entirely off the grid. Already, the brewery has four fuel cells operating 70 to 75 percent of the facility's power, according to Cheri Chastain, the company's sustainability coordinator. (Full Article) 9-13-07

Hotel Chains Grapple With Meaning of Green

As director of Element, a brand of environmentally conscious hotels being developed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts World Wide Inc., Nicholas Lakas picks his way across a landscape of so-called green products each time he steps into his office. (Full Article) 9-11-07

Limits Proposed on Fast-Food Restaurants

As America gets fatter, policymakers are seeking creative approaches to legislating health. They may have entered the school cafeteria -- and now they're eyeing your neighborhood. (Full Article) 9-10-07

Danger to Children From Food and Drink Additives is Exposed

Parents are to be warned of the dangers of giving their young children drinks, sweets and cakes containing specified artificial additives, as a result of new findings being made public for the first time today which confirm their link with hyperactivity and disruptive behaviour. (Full Article) 9-6-07

For-Profit Crusade Against Junk Mail

GreenDimes is one of several companies nationwide begun in recent years to organize information about a customer’s unsolicited credit card offers and money mailers, or no longer desired catalogs, and then perform the legwork to halt the flow. (Full Article) 9-6-07

Norwegian prisoners do organic porridge in world's first 'green jail'

From Alcatraz to Robben Island, offshore prisons are nothing new but Norway's version has a special claim to fame. It bills itself as the world's first ecological jail. (Full Article) 9-4-07

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