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How That Food You Throw Out Is Linked To Global Warming

It's funny how some people are embarrassed by the state of their refrigerator � perhaps because it's full of beer and condiments and nothing else. For me, it's the guilt of seeing off-color sausage or slimy lettuce disintegrating in my refrigerator drawer. Sadly, I am just another American prone to wasting food. Collectively, we waste about 55 million tons of the stuff a year, or 40 percent of the food supply, researchers estimate. (Full Article)

How the restroom symbolizes your whole operation

Green purchasing is a real consumer phenomenon, and on-site hygiene is an area where companies have a golden opportunity to improve sustainability practices and win over customers, said experts at a recent webcast. For restaurants, especially, having a clear, communicable plan for sustainable hygiene is essential given that customers will directly interact with � and judge � the restrooms. (Full Article)

Coffee chains ramp up cup recycling efforts

Although the coffee space has become more crowded, some leaders in the segment have shifted attention to the cup rather than the bean, and collaboration rather than competition. (Full Article)

Recycle For Your Bottom Line

Recycling may be good for the environment but it's also good for restaurants' bottom lines. A study conducted by Georgia-Pacific Professional and the National Restaurant Association earlier this year showed that 60 percent of consumers prefer to patronize a restaurant that has an active recycling program. (Full Article)

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