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Ohio Supermarket Composting

IN JULY 2008, the Kroger supermarket chain decided to expand its active role in the community to include an environmental element. The company�s first food scrap composting program was rolled out in 24 Ohio stores. In just four months, more than 650 tons of food waste were diverted from landfills and instead composted. The project proved so successful that Kroger recently added a dozen more of its Columbus-area stores and six Toledo-area stores earlier this summer. To date, more than 2,000 tons of organics have been recovered. �Our stores are proud to be part of a pioneering effort with the state of Ohio to start, sustain and excel at a compost/recycling program,� says Marne Fuller, who is with Retail Operations for Kroger�s Columbus division. The state of Ohio hopes the successes of the Kroger food waste composting project, and the connection made between environmental stewardship and community leadership, will motivate other grocers and industries to implement similar programs. (Full Article) Posted: 10-29-09

The Low-Down on Biodiesel for the Foodservice Industry

As with �greenwashing,� an enormous amount of misinformation and confusion surrounds the process of sending commercial kitchen cooking oil for conversion into biodiesel. The goal of this article is to at least begin to address some of the common misconceptions about the process so that restaurants and other foodservice operators can make good decisions about where they send their cooking oil�if they choose to do so�and what follow-up steps they should take. (Full Article) Posted: 10-29-09

Diners Dig Into Invasive Lionfish, But Do They Really Care About Saving Coral Reefs?

To consumers trying to eat responsibly, supermarket shelves and restaurant menus can sometimes seem like minefields of "don'ts." Don't order that blue fin tuna; it's overfished. Don't eat that non-organic peach; it's loaded with pesticides. Don't buy that chicken; it was raised on a factory farm. So it's really not much of a surprise that when a group of people were told, "Eat this fish and help save the environment," they jumped at the chance. (Full Article) Posted: 10-27-09

Swedes Put First Carbon Labels On Food

When Swedes examine the packaging of their food products, they're going to see more than nutritional information--now there's going to be a 'carbon label' right next to it. The labels read 'Climate declared: X kg CO2 per kg of product," so people will know just how much greenhouse gas their food is contributing to climate change. (Full Article) Posted: 10-27-09

Report Praises Chefs' Efforts to promote Sustainable Seafood

The state of ocean life is still in decline, but the tide may be turning in the push for sustainably fished and farmed seafood, according to a benchmark report released Tuesday by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Called �Turning the Tide: The State of Seafood,� the report documents the continuing threat of overfishing and environmental change, but it also highlights positive efforts by chefs, food suppliers, consumers, businesses and governments that have helped reverse some of the damage done. (Full Article) Posted: 10-25-09

Grant, Fellowship Recognize Food Service Sustainability

The Fellows with the Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability have announced a $5,000 grant to Bates College Dining Services for its comprehensive approach to food service sustainability, and have named Director of Dining Services Christine Schwartz as an HCFS Fellow. (Full Article) Posted: 10-25-09

Sustainable Foodservice Consulting Launches Blog

We are proud to announce the launch of our new blog "The Sustainable Shift Drink." The blog will be a regular addition to the website with posts on a variety of topics concerning sustainability in the foodservice industry including local and organic food, energy efficiency, green foodservice products, innovative restaurants, industry trends, national news and more. The blog will offer commentary on current issues, advice on foodservice operations, feature guest writers and allows reader to post comments. (Visit The Sustainable Shift Drink) Posted: 10-22-09

Water Ways: More Restaurants Favor Filtered

Alice Waters� public announcement two years ago that she was banning bottled water at Berkeley, Calif.�s iconic Chez Panisse and serving tap to her fine-dining guests was a watershed moment for the green restaurant movement. Many fellow Bay Area restaurants followed suit, and so have others across the country. (Full Article) Posted: 10-14-09

Green Operations: Tankless Water Heaters

Drago�s, a 300-seat seafood restaurant in Metairie, La., used to get its hot water the conventional way�via a 150-gallon tank that heated and stored water. When co-owner Tommy Cvitanovich embarked on a $3 million renovation of the restaurant in 2004, he switched to tankless heaters. (Full Article) Posted: 10-14-09

Restaurant Meals Via Two Wheels Get Popular in Sacramento

Chris Nestor, owner and chef of Ink Eats and Drinks, has a simple explanation for why he calls his midtown restaurant's late-night bicycle delivery service from home at least thrice-monthly. "I'm lazy," he said. "I think a lot of people are. Plus, it's convenient." (Full Article) Posted: 10-12-09

Bisphenol A: Another Reason You Don't Need Your Receipt

It's been found in baby bottles, water bottles, and cans, but here's a new item to avoid that contains the estrogen-mimicking chemical Bisphenol A: paper receipts. Science News reports that John C. Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry has found that both carbonless copy papers and the thermal imaging papers that form most receipts today are coated in a powdery layer of the chemical. He believes that our exposure to BPA through receipts is many times greater than through bottles or cans. (Full Article) Posted: 10-12-09

ENERGY STAR� Commercial Food Service Newsletter

Energy Star has released their October 2009 Commercial Foodservice newsletter. The newsletters contains information on new state incentives, the Kitchen Innovations Award Applications, EPA's Focus on High-Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valves, the"Where to Buy" Tool for ENERGY STAR CFS Equipment, ENERGY STAR Version 2.0 Specification for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers and more. (Full Article) Posted: 10-10-09

New Generation Energy Offers Micro-Loans For Energy Projects (Restaurants)

Boston-based non-profit New Generation Energy has launched a program to provide small businesses and community based organizations with loans of $5,000 to $100,000 for renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades. (Full Article) Posted: 10-2-09

Foodservice Equipment Maintenance Tips

According to FE&S� 2010 Industry Forecast, dealers anticipate fryers, ice machines, ovens, ranges, refrigerators and prep tables to be among their biggest sellers in the year to come. Collectively, these workhorses represent the backbone of most any foodservice operation. As a refresher, FE&S would like to offer the following maintenance tips for these pieces of equipment. (Full Article) Posted: 10-1-09

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