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LED Lighting Fixtures: LEDs Coming of Age

TreeHugger has been waiting and waiting for LEDs to replace common lightbulbs in normal fixtures, ...

Today's case in point: a restaurant in Massachusetts, who replaced their incandescent lighting (picture above) that consumed 5,135 Watts (65 W per bulb) with LEDs (pic below the fold) that consume 948 Watts (12W per bulb), courtesy of LED Lighting Fixture, Inc.’s LR6 6-inch recessed can fixture that screws right in to the socket. (Full Article) 10-9-07

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Tools Link Updated

I have added a couple new files to the Tools link that help track vendors, repairs and maintenance on equipment. 10-10-07

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Hold the Phone - Evaluating seafood choices just became a lot easier

Wondering whether the seafood entrée you are about to order at a restaurant is environmentally friendly? Pulling the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Card out of your wallet to check it out is so 2006. Enter FishPhone, a text-messaging service provided by the Blue Ocean Institute. (Full Article) 10-9-07

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The Benefits of Sustainability - A Round-Table Discussion

In response to growing pressures on hospitality operators to conduct their businesses sustainably, Caterer, in conjunction with 3663 First for Foodservice, invited some passionate supporters of the cause to a round-table discussion on the necessity and benefits of working in a more environmentally friendly manner. (Full Article) 10-13-07

Exclusive Research: Attitudes (on sustainablility) Are Changing

Exclusive research conducted by Caterer and Hotelkeeper in association with 3663 First for Foodservice shows that attitudes towards sustainability among hospitality operators are changing for the better. (Full Article) 10-3-07

Do Common Plastics and Resins Carry Risks

It's hard to avoid bisphenol A. One of the highest-volume chemicals in commercial production, it's the starting material used to make polycarbonate plastics. Those are the hard, clear plastics used in baby bottles, flatware, watercooler bottles, and the work bowls of food processors. Bisphenol A (BPA) also serves as an essential ingredient of epoxy resins used to line food and beverage cans and even to seal cavity-prone teeth. (Full Article) 10-3-07

Excess Disguised as Less

Not long ago, I was in a newly renovated kitchen in a New York City apartment. The designer had done everything in his power to respect the economy of space, with a flip-top counter and diminutive appliances, but it was the cabinetry that most piqued my interest. To minimize surface clutter, everything was sheathed in lacquered white fiberboard. Even the refrigerator and dishwasher were behind flat cabinet doors. (Full Article) 10-3-07

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