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2014 Restaurant Trends Survey

What is your outlook for the restaurant industry in the year ahead? What are the trends that are important to your company's success today and in 2014? Please take a few minutes and give us your thoughts by completing this survey by November 30. Your answers are completely confidential and will only be used for tabulation purposes. (Full Article)

Call for Entries: Restaurant Operator Innovations Awards Nominations

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) is accepting nominations for its third annual Operator Innovations Awards (OI Awards). The awards celebrate restaurant operators transforming the industry with extraordinary creativity and commitment to innovation and excellence in execution. (Full Article)

Cleveland Browns Roll Out New Food Waste-to-Energy System

The Cleveland Browns football franchise plans to showcase its food waste-to-energy system at a big home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 24. The new system, called Grind2Energy, is the first of its kind at any NFL stadium. It reclaims food scraps for conversion into renewable methane gas, rather than sending it to a landfill where it would decompose and add methane (a potent greenhouse gas) to the atmosphere. (Full Article)

Boris Johnson launches new scheme to help restaurants cut food waste

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has this week launched 'Foodsave', a new scheme to help foodservice businesses maximise profits by reducing food waste and diverting surplus food away from landfill and towards useful purposes. (Full Article)

FDA Mulls Trans Fat Ban

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed measures that would all but eliminate artificial trans fat from the food supply. (Full Article)

Cutting Back on Food Waste Could Have Economic, Environmental Benefits

Clean your plate. It could save the planet. Americans and people the world over waste prodigious amounts of food � an estimated one-third of all that's produced worldwide. (Full Article)

5 Things You May Not Know You Can Recycle

There are many items that are getting thrown in the trash every day that are recyclable. That's why Keep California Beautiful (KCB) is reminding everyone this November 15, on America Recycles Day, of 5 Common Items That Many People Do Not Know Are Recyclable. (Full Article)

The power of procurement: can sustainable purchasing save the world?

In 2008, students at the University of Texas at Austin left an average of just under six ounces of edible food on their lunch plates, which food service workers measured during a five-day waste audit. A year later, after identifying reasons for the waste and implementing programs to reduce it, such as better quality food, sample tasting and getting rid of trays, students reduced food waste by 48%. (Full Article)

The Deep Dive into Assessing with A Foodservice Consultant

Assessing an operation is vital for a foodservice consultant, but clients often have difficulty in understanding the importance of such a step. In this blog post, Greg Christian discusses the steps his team took in assessing Nardin Academy's foodservice operation and the lessons they learned. (Full Article)

An effective plan for sustainable restaurant design

When planning a sustainable build-out of your restaurant, there are a few tips and tools to follow to achieve a successful outcome. Of course it's important to choose the right equipment, lighting and design materials, but there are additional steps you should not overlook. (Full Article)

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