Water not a corporate concern

WATER WILL run out before oil. So claimed Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe not long ago. More recently, Justin King, Sainsbury's chief, used his lecture at this year's City Food Lecture to highlight water as potentially the biggest environmental concern facing the food industry. Various surveys have also shown that water scarcity is concerning businesses from all sectors. (Full Article)

Search Under Way for Sixth Annual $5,000 HCFS Grant Recipient

The Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability (HCFS) today announced plans to award a $5,000 grant to the organization judged to have the best-executed foodservice sustainability project. Applications are currently being accepted for the sixth annual HCFS grant, and the recipient is going to be announced at the 2013 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago. (Full Article)

NRA hosting inaugural foodservice packaging recovery summit

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) have partnered to help raise awareness of foodservice packaging recovery among restaurant operators and consumers. (Full Article)

NRA teams up with U.S. Composting Council to develop best practices

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) have teamed up to raise awareness about food waste diversion, composting education and other sustainable activities for the benefit of restaurant operators nationwide. (Full Article)

Debunking Three Green Cleaning Myths; Discerning Fact from Fiction

Environmental awareness otherwise known as "going green" is a broad philosophy deeply rooted in the concept of environmental conservation and improvement. In recent years, the concept of going green has certainly made its mark on popular culture, and as direct consequence has revealed a darker side to the movement. (Full Article)

Are chefs up for a food waste fight?

The 2012 edition of the annual ENERGY STAR Commercial Food Service (CFS) Incentive Guide has been posted on the ENERGY STAR website at under the "Buying Guidance" tab and can be accessed directly at (Excel file). (Full Article)

Are chefs up for a food waste fight?

A CULTURE CHANGE is needed in UK commercial kitchens if the foodservice sector is to deal with the escalating problem of food waste. Communication up and down the supply chain also needs to improve if businesses want to reduce their waste and cut costs. That's the conclusion of the first ever FootprintChannel live online debate, which took place this today, 8th October. (Full Article)

FootprintChannel: Waste – What Next?

This film was shown during the inaugural live broadcast of FootprintChannel: Waste What Next? Here you will hear opinion from Thought Leaders, Hospitality Management and Consumers about the advances in the Food Waste debate. (Full Article)

Demand for info on sustainability set to rocket

THE QUANTITY of information that customers and consumers want on issues such as nutrition and sustainability is expected to double in the next five years.(Full Article)

Waste – What Next? Hospitality industry experts debate the waste Voluntary Agreement, its impact and future

ON MONDAY morning next week, a FREE, interactive, online TV debate entitled Waste – What Next? can be seen live at 10.30am by anyone with an internet connection. The programme is also being beamed simultaneously to the Restaurant Show where it can be viewed in the Business Bootcamp area. (Full Article)

Trayless Dining

Trayless dining took the college foodservice sector by storm a few years ago, just as the sustainability movement began taking shape. Trayless dining means less food waste (because students are not piling on mounds of food they won't end up eating), in addition to potentially less energy and water use (because trays aren't run 24/7 through a flight-type dishmachine). (Full Article)

Defining the Sustainable Kitchen

Some tips from Greg Christian on how to create a sustainable kitchen with the proper equipment. For more details on creating a sustainable kitchen, see our feature Sustainable Planet, Sustainable Business: Connecting the Food System and Commercial Kitchens of the Future. (Full Article)

FootprintComment: Tracey Rogers of UFS talks about food waste

ONE YEAR on, Tracey Rogers, managing director of Unilever Food Solutions comments exclusively to about the impact of United Against Waste.(Full Article)

How much water do you eat?

DINERS VISITING a unique pop-up café at the London Design Festival will know just how much water has been used to produce their food. (Full Article)

Buyer Beware: Understanding the Maintenance Implications of Energy-Efficient Foodservice Equipment

Buying energy-efficient foodservice equipment is not enough to realize the savings these items promise or to lessen the impact an operation has on the environment. Proper maintenance and usage go hand-in-hand with realizing these goals. (Full Article)

Sustainable Planet, Sustainable Business: Connecting the Food System and Commercial Kitchens of the Future

The country's move toward a more sustainable food system will impact kitchen design and foodservice equipment specification in the future. We've reached a point where you might hear "sustainability" or "sustainable" every single day. But amidst our almost automatic use of those words, it's easy to forget what sustainability really means. And, what it means in business. (Full Article)

Behind a Restaurant Emergency, a Troubleshooter

ON a hot and humid Thursday, Brian Follander found himself in a familiar position, sprawled on a restaurant kitchen floor, staring into the nether regions of a stove that would not light. A dispatcher from Kitchen Repair Specialists, his employer, had sent Mr. Follander to ABC Kitchen, just north of Union Square, after receiving a distress call. The oven had been acting up for days. Now it stubbornly refused to work, and the first diners were starting to show up for lunch. (Full Article)

Q&A: Turning the Restaurant Business Green

In 1990, at the age of 19, Michael Oshman had heard enough about the world's environmental problems to decide that he had to do something. The question, he says, was how to motivate large numbers of people to consume dramatically fewer resources while continuing to live the kind of lifestyles they wanted. That year, he founded the Green Restaurant Association to help the food service industry operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner and educate consumers about the impacts of dining out. (Full Article)

Overcoming the Concerns That Arise with Green Cleaning

It might seem a bit strange to find an article advocating green cleaning in a publication whose readers already understand the merits of cleaning and operating their facilities in a more environmentally preferable manner. This is even more true when discussing the value of green cleaning to the lodging industry, which has been at the forefront when it comes to implementing green cleaning. (Full Article)

How one QSR maintains a low employee turnover rate

The National Restaurant Association has cited a 75 percent employee turnover rate in the industry. Considering the costs associated with replacing a single employee average more than $3,000, retention has long been a bane on quick-service restaurants' bottom line. (Full Article)

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