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Restaurants taking eco-friendly steps

Green practices are taking root in the restaurant industry, as more operators seek to cut costs and appeal to eco-conscious customers. (Full Article) Posted: 11-26-10

Simply Tracking Food Waste Helps Lead to Waste Reduction, Sodexo Reports

Waste reduction is one of the major goals of the sustainability movement, and one that has had a growing influence on onsite dining programs, particularly in the college/university segment. A prime target of this movement: the mountains of disposable takeout containers and beverage bottles generated by the typical campus that ultimately make their way to landfills. (Full Article) Posted: 11-26-10

Many Happy Returns

Sodexo cut kitchen waste by about one third at eight college campuses simply by tracking and monitoring food waste, according to the preliminary findings from the first eight weeks of a pilot study. Sodexo is partnering with LeanPath, a technology company providing food waste tracking systems, to conduct the review. (Full Article) Posted: 11-26-10

Summit Explores New Horizons for Eco-Labels in Food Industry

New horizons for eco-labels and sustainability are the focus of the third edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit (, taking place in San Francisco on 18-19th January 2011. The first-ever North American edition of the executive summit explores the evolution of organic, fair trade and other eco-labels in a food industry that is increasingly looking at the triple bottom line. (Full Article) Posted: 11-14-10

Keep Paying Attention to General Services Administration Bulletin FTR 10-06

Per Executive Order 13514 signed by President Obama a little more than a year ago, all federal agencies�approximately 2 million employees�have been directed to find ways to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. (See related article.) Activities covered include transit, travel, training, and conferencing. GSA Bulletin FTR 10-06, issued on September 30, 2010, spells out ways federal agencies can reduce the environmental impact of their travel. Anyone running a lodging establishment in the United States needs to pay attention to GSA Bulletin FTR 10-06. (Full Article) Posted: 11-14-10

Sustainability playing a role in restaurants

Flavor trumps all when choosing what to put on restaurant menus, but chefs across the country said they have modified their practices over the past year with sustainability in mind, according to a new survey by the James Beard Foundation. (Full Article) Posted: 11-14-10

LEAF on a mission to reduce 'fork prints'

Bolton is a contract dietitian counselling to outpatients, but in 2008 set to researching the needs and interest in her idea with restaurants and the public, and two years later she has launched LEAF -- Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservices. (Full Article) Posted: 11-14-10

Massachusetts Firm Testing Viability of Using Parking Pavement for Water Heating, Cooling

The parking lot adjacent to your building may soon be good for more than just parking cars. If Acton, Mass.-based Novotech, Inc. is successful in the development of its new technology, the heat energy in the pavement in your lot could soon be used to heat hot water or be used in absorption chillers to provide cooling. (Full Article) Posted: 11-1-10

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