Archives - November 2007

In the Netherlands, Eat, Drink and Be Monitored

At first sight, nothing betrays the strange happenings at the Restaurant of the Future, a spacious, bright university canteen where scientists and students stop in for food and lunchtime chatter. (Full Article) 11-27-07

Biodiesel Craze Turns Fryer Grease to Gold

They're calling it the grease wars.

Competition for used cooking oil among grease haulers has intensified as biodiesel demand grows, and some Portland restaurants that once paid to have their fatty leftovers carted away are now charging collectors for the valuable oil. (Full Article) 11-20-07

NAFEM Showcases New “Green” Product Ideas for CKV!

After years of preaching, recommending and suggesting to end users by manufacturers, designers, consultants and engineers, the green machine is beginning to roll. We are suddenly bombarded in every newspaper we pick up and many TV shows that “green is in”. (Full Article) 11-20-07

Beer Brings Cheer To Bovines!

East Anglian cows are happier after being fed leftover ale, according to local brewers.

A new eco-friendly scheme by Suffolk brewery Greene King, which makes Old Speckled Hen and Abbot Ale, has seen unused beer recycled into animal feed. (Full Article) 11-11-07

Columbia Partners With Local Nonprofit To Convert Cooking Oil To Biodiesel

More than 1,700 gallons of cooking oil are used annually by dining and catering services on Columbia’s Morningside campus. But starting last month, Columbia’s waste cooking oil, from Faculty House to John Jay, is now picked up and delivered to refineries to be converted into biodiesel. (Full Article) 11-6-07

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