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ENERGY STAR® Commercial Food Service Newsletter

Winter/Spring 2016 Edition of Energy Star Commercial Foodservice Newsletter

'Farm To Fable'? Tampa Probe Finds Many Restaurants Lie About Sourcing

The farm-to-table trend has exploded recently. Across the country, menus proudly boast chicken raised by local farmers, pork from heritage breed pigs, vegetables grown from heirloom varieties. These restaurants are catering to diners who increasingly want to know where their food comes from — and that it is ethically, sustainably sourced.

Sustainable America's Kranowitz Weighs in on Food and Fuel Waste

Jeremy Kranowitz is dedicated to making the country's food and transportation systems more sustainable.

Dietitian Group Offers Resources to Reduce Food Waste

The Foundation recently released "The State of America's Wasted Food & Opportunities to Make a Difference," as part of its Future of Food initiative. The report details how and where wasted food occurs in the U.S. along the entire food supply chain, including farms, processors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants/foodservice establishments and consumers.

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