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McDonald's Owner Spends $1m of His Own Money for Energy Efficiency

A McDonald's franchise owner has built a new restaurant in Garfield Heights, Ohio, to be super energy efficient, spending about $1 million of his own money for the upgrades. (Full Article)

Sustainable Restaurant Association announces entry into U.S.

The United Kingdom-based Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), has launched a global sustainability rating system available to any restaurant in the world. (Full Article)

Is food fraud on your menu?

"Waiter, this is not what I ordered," said my colleague after examining the nicely presented plate of scallops sitting before him. Ironically we were in Boston for the International Boston Seafood Show where seafood fraud was the featured topic of discussion for more breakout sessions than any other single topic. As such, we were not going to be the next victims of seafood fraud. (Full Article)

A chance too good to waste

THE HORSE MEAT scandal � and the pressure all those discarded burgers put on recycling facilities � can spark a debate on the growing quantity of food we throw away. (Full Article)

Restaurants Vow to Stop Tossing Out So Much Food

The next time you bite into that pork bun at Momofuku or burrito at Chipotle, you can tell yourself that you are doing something for the environment. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Thursday that more than 100 New York City restaurants, including haute cuisine temples like Le Bernardin and chains like Pret a Manger, have pledged to reduce the food waste they send to landfills by 50 percent. (Full Article)

13 ways to painlessly improve profitability in 2013: Kitchen equipment

Is it really possible just one tiny change in your kitchen could be the equivalent of increasing annual sales by $9,000? According to the International Facility Management Association, just by rolling back your broiler on-time by an hour a day, you can save $450 a year � that's pure profit that drops right to the bottom line. For an operation with a 5 percent profit margin, it would take an increase of $9,000 in sales to yield that $450 in profit. And that's just one piece of equipment. So what profits are lurking in your kitchen? Here are some tips to ferret them out. (Full Article)

Ted's Montana Grill Invests in Water Restoration Certificate Program

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Ted's Montana Grill announced April 23 that Ted's Montana Grill has become the first in the restaurant sector to balance a portion of its water footprint through the investment in Water Restoration Certificates. The Ted's commitment will restore 5 million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin over two years and represents a landmark sustainability move in the industry that builds on the restaurant company's rich history of innovation and leadership around sustainability. The Water Restoration Certificate program is the only environmental product that enables businesses to balance their water footprint and restore water to critically dewatered streams and rivers. (Full Article)

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