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KI Pavilion at the NRA Show Showcases �Green� and High Tech Products

This year�s Kitchen Innovations pavilion featured 18 new products, many with a �green� focus, from energy-saving pots water treatment to composting equipment, water saving devices and more. (Full Article) Posted: 5-26-09

Food Wrapper Coating Found in Human Blood

To the growing list of chemicals showing up in human blood, a new study adds compounds that make food wrappers grease-proof. (Full Article) Posted: 5-26-09

Starbucks' Cup Summit: Does the Cost of Recycling Runneth Over?

Can your Starbucks coffee cup be recycled, and if so, is it really worth it? Starbucks' Ben Packard, the vice president of Global Responsibility, and his running mate, Jim Hanna, the director of Environmental Impact, think so -- and they invited 30 cup, cupstock and coating manufacturers, recyclers, waste managers and university researchers to Seattle this week to have a chat about it. (Full Article) Posted: 5-19-09

Composting: Myth vs. Fact

Recycling often is the first step for foodservice operators aiming for greener waste management: It's easy enough to start rinsing out cans and jars and tossing them into a dedicated recycling bin. However, operators tend to view composting�the logical next step of diverting food scraps from the trash so that they can eventually be converted into nutrient-rich fertilizer�as a much trickier endeavor. (Full Article) Posted: 5-15-09

Green Seal Launches Restaurant Certification

Green Seal recently launched its new GS-46 certification for restaurants and food service operations. The certification focuses on improvement in the key areas of food, waste and energy. The standards, which Sustainable Foodservice Consulting reviewed and provided comments on during the development stage, set a list of requirements and optional goals for operations to become certified as Bronze, Silver or Gold foodservice operations. Green Seal also created a number of operational supporting documents to help operators track and implement their sustainability goals. Posted: 5-12-09

RILA Announces Launch of EPA Retail Sustainability Portal

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a web portal that will provide retailers with a central clearinghouse for information regarding environmental sustainability and compliance, noted the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). (Full Article) Posted: 5-12-09

Green Restaurants: Good to Go?

Customers often feel better about their to-go purchases when they see that the container holding their food is made with recyclable or compostable materials. Looks can be deceiving, however. Whether the container will actually end up being recycled or broken down for compost depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is what it�s made of. Many products claim to be better for the environment, but it�s important to read the fine print. (Full Article) Posted: 5-12-09

Call for Applications: Three Open Seats on National Sustainable Agriculture Standards Committee, User Interest Category

Leonardo Academy is seeking applications for three vacant seats on the National Sustainable Agriculture Practice Standards Committee within the 'User' Interest Category. Individuals or representatives of entities that use agricultural products - including retailers and restaurants, food service companies, product handlers, processors, distributors and manufacturers - and have an interest in engaging in the national dialogue on sustainable agriculture practices are encouraged to apply. (Full Article) Posted: 5-6-09

Another Reason To Not Leave Your Computer On Overnight

Lots of people leave their PCs on overnight. Often, this is for no good reason whatsoever, it�s just out of laziness. But sometimes it�s a conscious decision: if you want your computer to continue receiving updates, or transmit/receive information of any kind during the wee hours of the night, you need to leave it on. ... Now, those people can use a system called Somniloquy. (Full Article) Posted: 5-6-09

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