Archives - May 2008

SCA Tissue Earns Green Certification

SCA Tissue has added five SKUs to its list of EcoLogo certified towels, facial tissues, bath tissues and napkins, bringing the total number to 75. Receiving EcoLogo certification were SKUs of Tork Advanced Dinner Napkins, Tork Advanced Perforated Roll Towel, and Tork Advanced and Tork Universal Facial Tissue Flat Boxes. (Full Article) Posted: 5-14-08

Grease Bandits Strike As Biofuel Demand Rises

Mark Rosenzweig watched with suspicion as a tanker truck sidled up to a local Burger King's grease bin last month. The driver plunged a hose into the 300-gallon tub of used French-fry grease and slurped it into his tank. Mr. Rosenzweig called the police, patiently citing legal codes to convince them that, yes, grease theft is a crime. He should know. As a legitimate grease collector, he has his livelihood stolen four to five times a month these days. (Full Article) Posted: 5-14-08

"Going Green" Is Big at This Year's National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show

"Going green" is not a trend, it's a smart new way of doing business. In addition to being the right thing to do to conserve the planet for future generations, incorporating environmentally friendly practices can benefit restaurant operators--it can save on utility costs, satisfy consumer demand and increase operational productivity. The 2008 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show� (May 17-20 at McCormick Place in Chicago) will provide restaurateurs with the resources and tools they need to explore and increase environmental efforts, including products and services from many of the 2,000+ exhibiting companies and a specialized track of education sessions presented by leading experts. (Full Article) Posted: 5-14-08

Study Finds Meat and Dairy Create More Emissions Than Miles

A study in the April 15 edition of Environmental Science & Technology by the prolific Carnegie Mellon University researcher Christopher Weber found that food transport accounts for only 11 percent of food-associated greenhouse gas emissions, while production contributes a whopping 83 percent. Specifically, nitrous oxide and methane -- mainly byproducts of fertilizer use, manure management and animal digestion -- make up a far bigger piece of the emissions pie than emissions from transporting our food from faraway places, the study found. (Full Article) Posted: 5-14-08

Survey Finds Widespread Adoption of Sustainable Seafood

While worldwide consumption and demand of seafood is increasing, stakeholders in the U.S. seafood industry are making efforts to support and advance sustainable seafood. In "The U.S. Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood: Are We Hooked Yet?", the Seafood Choices Alliance finds that all sectors of the U.S. seafood supply chain have included and recognize the need for sustainable seafood in their operations. (Full Article) Posted: 5-5-08

StalkMarket Expands Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware and Food Packaging Offerings

StalkMarket�, the leading provider of eco-friendly disposable tableware and food packaging in the United States, today announced that it has added two new lines to its family of products. Both product lines are intended to allow the food service industry to offer its customers a wider selection of disposable food service items made from 100% renewable plant materials that are also completely biodegradable and compostable. (Full Article) 5-5-08

Fast-food Industry Destroying Forests in the Southern U.S.

The Southern forests of North America supply 60% of US and 15% of global paper demands. Deforestation for wood and paper products, along with urban sprawl, has resulted in a total decline from 356 million acres in colonial times to 182 million acres today. The South contains more threatened forest ecosystems than anywhere else in the US. A major perpetuator of deforestation in the South is the fast food industry. With nearly 100 paper packaging mills in the South and thousands of restaurants worldwide, major fast food retailers such as KFC and Taco Bell are leaders in paper consumption and subsequent waste. The Dogwood Alliance (, a nonprofit organization formed to increase awarness of the importance of Southern forests and the threats their survival, has launched a new campaign at which specifically targets the paper packaging practices of the fast food industry. (Full Article) Posted: 5-5-08

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