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Operator Innovations Awards

2014 Operator Innovations Awards Finalists(Full Article)

New Icemaker Efficiency Standards Are a Step in the Right Direction, but Stronger Standards Make Sense

Late on Friday, the Department of Energy (DOE) proposed new efficiency standards for commercial icemakers, which make the ice provided by drink dispensers in fast food restaurants among many other uses. While the proposed standards would be a significant step toward improving icemaker efficiency, higher cost-effective efficiency levels could be achieved using commercially available technologies.(Full Article)

Make Your Refrigerator Work Better and Last Longer [Video]

Simple preventive maintenance on stand-alone refrigeration units.(Full Article)

NRA Kitchen Innovations Awards

The NRA has released its 2014 KI award recipients and resource conservation play a prominent roll.(Full Article)

Survey: Sustainability key to restaurant customers

While the concept of social responsibility is difficult for both consumers and restaurant operators to define, it is increasingly important to business, according to a new study by Technomic.(Full Article)

Sustainability in Foodservice: Where We Stand Today

Sustainability has become a standard part of the foodservice industry's lexicon. Individual members of the community have long embraced the concept. But actually putting it into practice? Well, that's been a different story. Until now.(Full Article)

FAQs On Window Film

Window film can be a very cost-effective solution for a variety of building issues: minimizing cooling costs, cutting glare and heat buildup, upgrading windows to safety standards, creating privacy in places like interior conference rooms, reflecting heat inside and more. Window film can be visibly clear or nearly impossible to see through from the outside even when those inside can see out.(Full Article)

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