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Comments Requested For California Appliance Efficiency Enforcement

The California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Program staff is seeking comments from interested parties and holding a public workshop on the establishment and implementation of an administrative enforcement process for the Commission's Appliance Efficiency Regulations (Full Article)

Liquors Can Be Local Too

Nearly every restaurant has specialty cocktails these days, but there's one way to make them really different: by using local liquors. Local distillers not only provide very distinctive beverages, but they also appeal to customers interested in the "eat local" trend, while at the same time supporting and promoting these small-batch producers. (Full Article)

Sometimes It Pays to Be Green

Restaurant operators are continuing to explore methods by which they can make their restaurants more sustainable and eco-friendly, and a new organization is offering to help them do just that�and even pay them for it. (Full Article)

Composting for Foodservice

Planning, developing and implementing composting programs continues to get easier for foodservice operators because more operators are electing to take these environmentally friendly steps. As role models for their peers, they help both commercial and noncommercial operators follow in that path. (Full Article)

McDonald's wants gestation-sow stalls eliminated

McDonald's Corporation is calling on its U.S. pork suppliers to end the use of gestation-sow stalls. The world's largest restaurant chain announced today that it will be studying suppliers' options and will require them to outline plans to phase out the stalls. (Full Article)

2011 version of the Green Standard Now Available from ASHRAE

Changes to help make buildings and systems more sustainable are part of the newly published version of the high performance green building standard from ASHRAE, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). (Full Article)

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