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Helping Restaurants See Through the FOG

With rising biofuel production and growing demand for fryer grease, collectors who once charged restaurants to haul away grease are now often paying for it. But the fats, oils and greases, or FOG, that still get into drains are causing eateries and facility managers major headaches. Now that may be changing, too. (Full Article) Posted: 3-20-09

Bills Would Ban BPA From Food and Drink Containers

Leaders from the House of Representatives and the Senate on Friday announced legislation to establish a federal ban on bisphenol A in all food and beverage containers. The bills, which Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) plan to introduce, greatly expand efforts to limit use of the chemical in products for babies and children. (Full Article) Posted: 3-16-09

EWG Dishes Out Their Updated Dirty Dozen List

The Dirty Dozen is back. No, we're not talking about the movie�it's the recently released, fifth edition of The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) list of the 12 conventionally grown fruits and veggies with the highest levels of pesticide residue. (Full Article) Posted: 3-16-09

Buying Power: Devising a Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Transitioning to a more sustainable food service operation can be confusing as new �green� products and vendors are continuously entering the market, there are different policies in play across Canada and customers� demands are constantly changing. A sustainable purchasing policy can help operators traverse this road by providing a framework for purchases in and out of the kitchen. (Full Article) Posted: 3-6-09

How Safe Is Going Green for Foodservice Operators?

While certainly trendy and a good marketing message to consumers, foodservice operators looking to make their operations more environmentally friendly also need to take into consideration any potential impact these steps could have on food safety. The good news is that many operators with green and sustainable programs indicate that aspects of these practices help enhance food safety programs. In fact, Paul Kuck, owner of Sustainable Foodservice Consulting, based in Eugene, Ore., says he has not encountered or heard about any instances where going green compromised food safety. This is good news for the more than 300 restaurants that are and will soon be certified by the Boston-based Green Restaurant Association (GRA). In 2007, the number of Certified Green Restaurants� tripled and interest in going green remains on the rise. (Full Article) Posted: 3-6-09

Food Waste Management - Emerging Trends

Over the last 12 months, few topics have emerged from relative obscurity with such velocity and passion as food waste managment. Driven by regulartory changes, customer expectations and dogged pursuit of greater efficiency, every foodservice operation is - on soon will be - confronted with mastering the ins and outs of source reduction, food donation porgrams, composting, and green disposables. (Full Article) Posted: 3-4-09

Wendy's Franchisee Saves with Energy Management System

he automated process turns lights, equipment and air conditioning on and off at appropriate intervals. (Full Article) Posted: 3-4-09

Small Business Wins Grant for Green Fast Food

If good things come in small packages, then a $70,000 small-business grant from the U.S. EPA could rock the fast food world. The pea sized grant will go to develop a low cost pollution control retrofit for commercial underfired charbroilers like the one at your local burger joint. Innova Tech, the company that won the grant, is developing an energy efficient system that combines a filter, vapor condenser, and continuous grease removal system. If the technology proves successful, it could provide a key to reducing the impact of commercial cookeries on rapid glacier melt. (Full Article) Posted: 3-4-09

Compostable vs. Biodegradable vs. Recyclable

Find out which type makes most sense for foodservice companies trying to save the planet�and their profit margins. (Full Article) Posted: 3-4-09

Water Efficiency is Key to Saving Energy: Expert

In regions where pumping and distributing water requires significant electricity use, policies that lead to reduced water consumption could address climate change more efficiently than requiring businesses and households to use less energy, according to water expert Peter Gleick. (Full Article) Posted: 3-2-09

How to Introduce Biodegradables and Composting into a Foodservice Operation

Dominique G�mez, an associate with Cascadia Consulting Group Inc., a business consulting firm in Seattle focusing on sustainability and �green� issues offers answers to pressing questions about how to successfully and cost effectively introduce biodegradable products and composting into a foodservice operation. (Full Article) Posted: 3-2-09

Hobart Center Offers $5,000 Grant for Sustainability

For the third consecutive year, the Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability (HCFS) is awarding a $5,000 grant to the individual or company judged to have the best-executed foodservice or food retail sustainability project of the year. Submissions are currently being accepted, and the recipient will be announced at the 2009 Greenbuild Expo to be held Nov. 11-13 in Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more and to access the official application, visit (Full Article) Posted: 3-2-09

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