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Conservation on the Menu: Study Can Help Decrease Water Usage in Restaurants

It's no secret recipe: Restaurants use millions of gallons of water every year to whet our appetites. Recent research by a Kansas State University doctoral student can help restaurants decrease water usage without dampening dinner. (Full Article) Posted:6-28-11

Food Bank Shortages Lead To Innovation

Food banks around the country are trying to keep their shelves stocked as more people in the U.S. struggle to get enough to eat. Increasingly, that means finding new ways to salvage food that would otherwise go to waste. (Full Article) Posted:6-28-11

Partnership powers research agreement to treat waste-trap grease

The University of Hawai'i at M?noa and Pacific Biodiesel Inc. have signed an agreement to collaborate in finding pathways for treatment of waste-trap grease from restaurants. If successful, the project could turn restaurant waste-trap grease from a problematic waste into a new source of useful products, such as liquid and gaseous fuels and soil amendments. (Full Article) Posted:6-28-11

New Bathroom Ventilation Systems Make Saving Money, Energy Easy

Bathroom ventilation systems recently introduced by leading suppliers are making it easier than ever to save energy and money while still keeping bathrooms free of odors and moisture. There was a time when fans were noisy and consumed up to 144 watts. Today they are almost as quiet as a mouse and can use as little as 4 watts�a dramatic difference. Motion sensors are now available with some models and turn off fans left running by guests. With some fans, a humidity sensor is included. This ensures that the fan continues to run until the humidity reaches a pre-set level. (Full Article) Posted:6-28-11

Green Cuisine: Restaurant Gardens

Farm-to-table is a food trend that brings healthy, sustainable food options from the growing fields to diners who want to know where their food comes from. Restaurant gardens can provide a living tapestry of healthy food, just steps away from the dining table. (Full Article) Posted:6-24-11

Rainwater Collection & Irrigation for Foodservice

Irrigation systems geared toward rainwater collection have improved significantly year after year, and they're getting less costly, says Paul Kuck, an analyst and project manager with Advantage IQ, an energy and resource management consulting firm. Beyond that, operators should make sure they're watering properly. "Water early in the morning, not at noon during the hottest time of day," he says. "And water only as much as you need. Some operators use a pulsing system that pulses water on for six minutes and off for ten, allowing the ground to soak up the water more efficiently. When you just let water run straight for a half-hour, excess water not immediately soaked off just runs off and gets wasted." (Full Article) Posted:6-24-11

Hospitality Leaders Launch Sustainable Purchasing Consortium

A group of leaders in the hotel industry representing brands, hotel suppliers, architecture firms, purchasing companies, and sustainability experts has launched the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Consortium. The Consortium, led by MindClick SGM, will work collaboratively to facilitate greening the furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) supply chain for hotels by: leading the industry in development of an industrywide Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Index (HSPI) to comprehensively measure the sustainability of FF&E suppliers and the products they sell; collaborating to establish consistent measures of sustainable purchasing performance for brands, owners and FF&E manufacturers; and establishing key performance indicators that enhance the environmental and social impact of the hotel industry while continuing to provide the highest levels of quality and service for hotel guests. (Full Article) Posted:6-24-11

Coming Soon: A Universal Recycling Label System

How do you know if a package you buy will be recycled? More often than not, there's no easy way to tell. The inscrutable number codes on the bottom of plastic packages only describe the type of plastic it contains, not whether that plastic is recyclable. And just because a package trumpets a label saying "100% recyclable" or comes emblazoned with the chasing arrows logo, it's no guarantee that it actually can or will be recycled. Grocery store shelves are littered with misleadingly labeled products, much to the frustration of both shoppers and companies that are committed to recycling. (Full Article) Posted:6-7-11

Dumping garbage fees

Reducing garbage expenses was a recurring topic at the recent NRA Show. The discussions reflected restaurateurs' interest in embracing sustainability while cutting costs. (Full Article) Posted:6-6-11

Speaker urges restaurants to recycle, use alternative energy

The move toward sustainability will succeed only if the restaurant industry educates the public about food, its nutritional value and importance, panelists said last week at International Foodservice Sustainability Symposium. (Full Article) Posted:6-6-11

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