Archives - June 2008

Operator Insights: Compostable Products

COMPOSTABLE products are increasingly a part of the formula when companies, institutions, municipal programs and special events decide to go green, usually to implement a food scraps diversion program. Due to increasing demand, the compostable products industry is growing rapidly, with many different options on the market. BioCycle has been covering developments in the compostable products industry since the early 1990s, and has observed the industry mature to the point where today there are widely recognized standards and certification programs regarding product compostability. (Full Article) Posted: 6-20-08

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Refrigeration

(Via the UK) David Clarke, director of design consultants CDIS-KARM, member of the FCSI and the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group, offers advice on how to make your refrigeration equipment more energy efficient. (Full Article) Posted: 6-20-08

EPA's GreenChill Damatically Reduces Greenhouse Gases From Supermarket Industry

Since launching last November, the GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership has nearly tripled its membership and prevented emissions of 2.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, equal to the annual emissions of almost 500,000 cars. (Full Article) Posted: 6-17-08

Food Lion LLC Unveils Ozone-Friendly Refrigeration Technology, Announces ENERGY STAR Milestone

Food Lion LLC today unveiled the nation's first grocery store to incorporate two ozone-friendly product refrigeration systems. Both systems reduce by more then 60 percent the amount of refrigerants needed to keep products cool or frozen. (Full Article) Posted: 6-17-08

Group Petitions FDA to Ban Some Food Colorings

A consumer advocacy group called on the Food and Drug Administration Tuesday to ban the use of eight artificial colorings in food because the additives may cause hyperactivity and behavior problems in some children. (Full Article) Posted: 6-9-08

New Food Equipment Sanitizing Range Cuts Down-Time

A new advanced oxidation sanitization process provides an alternative to using chlorine, while reducing down-time for food processors, claims its manufacturer. (Full Article) Posted: 6-4-08

Coca-Cola to Deploy 100K HFC-Free Coolers

The Coca-Cola Co. plans by 2010 to have 100,000 hydrofluorocarbon-free refrigerators and vending machines operating around the world. (Full Article) Posted: 6-4-08

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