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NACUFS Launches Sustainability Awards Program

The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) has launched an awards contest to recognize the pivotal role that dining services plays in the overall sustainability goals of a college or university. The NACUFS Sustainability Awards support the globally accepted triple bottom line philosophy, a method of evaluating operational performance by measuring financial success as well as environmental sustainability and social responsibility´┐Żalso known as "people, planet, profit." (Full Article)

Is Your Business Model Sustainable?

The topic of sustainability is fairly ubiquitous in today's foodservice industry. And when we discuss sustainability in foodservice circles the conversation tends to focus on local sourcing of produce, energy efficient equipment and, if we're lucky, water and waste reduction. While these are all excellent and important parts of the discussion, it seems to me that we often fail to discuss an equally important aspect of sustainability: our business model. (Full Article)

Symposium Examines Trends in Sustainable Foodservice

For many foodservice operators and members of the supply chain, the concept of sustainability focuses on the sourcing of locally or organically produced raw ingredients that eventually occupy the center of the plate. What many foodservice professionals fail to realize, though, is that the concept of foodservice sustainability is far more encompassing and includes the facility's design, the way it is illuminated, the equipment it uses, the processes staff apply to executing the menu and much more. That was the overarching message of the inaugural International Foodservice Sustainability Symposium, which took place in Chicago immediately following the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this past May. (Full Article)

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