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Colleges Scrape The Plate, Close The Loop

Composting food waste and landscape trimmings on campuses is becoming commonplace. This first article in a series focuses on schools that have tied composting into academic programs. Part I (Full Article) Posted: 07-26-10

I'd like the 'green' packaging please

I'm often asked by foodservice operators and consumers: What sustainable single-use foodservice products should I use to serve food and beverages? Which products are the greenest? (Full Article) Posted: 07-15-10

Food Waste Tracking Software Introduced for Restaurants, Foodservice Operations

LeanPath announces the introduction of WasteLOGGER, a software solution for food waste tracking that helps any restaurant, hotel, caterer, or foodservice operation prevent, minimize and avoid pre-consumer food waste (which includes overproduction, spoilage, expiration, trim waste). The software runs on existing computers and does not require specialized tracking equipment. WasteLOGGER was previewed at the 2010 National Restaurant Show in Chicago and will be available commercially this summer. (Full Article) Posted: 07-15-10

Sustainable drink cup task force names winners of paper cup challenge

The betacup sustainable drink cup task force has announced the winners of its open innovation challenge to reduce paper cup consumption. Fast casual Starbucks Coffee Co. sponsored the contest as part of its aim to serve 100 percent of its hand-crafted beverages in reusable or recyclable cups by 2015. (Full Article) Posted: 07-15-10

Consumers don't know sustainable restaurants, says Hartman Group

On June 8, 2010, The Hartman Group, Inc., a research and consulting firm specializing in consumer purchasing behavior, presented a webinar entitled, "Five Tips for Making Sustainability Relevant." Michelle Barry, senior vice president of The Hartman Group, presented the webinar. (Full Article) Posted: 07-14-10

Shades of green

Once upon a time there was an association to help restaurants leave an overall smaller carbon footprint from their operations. The non-profit was called the Green Restaurant Association, established 1990. And for about 20 years, it had something of a monopoly on its suite of services. (Full Article) Posted: 07-14-10

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