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Recycling Restaurant Grease Provides a Slick Solution

During a time when many are complacent while oil prices remain low, Kyle A. Zelley is ramping up his efforts at Wachusett Biomass, collecting used vegetable oils at area restaurants and hotels to convert them into biodiesel. Mr. Zelley, 40, uses the biodiesel fuel he makes to heat his Princeton home and new business, Mountainside Market, near the town common, and in his personal vehicles and vegetable oil collection truck. (Full Article) Posted: 7-31-09

Compostable Products Go Mainstream

SINCE BioCycle�s Compostable Products Update two years ago, dozens of new manufacturers have come onto the scene, joining companies who have been expanding their product lines and production volumes. In North America, the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) remains the focal point for tracking the action, with its vetted logo designating products that meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements for compostability. �The shear growth in number of BPI program participants not only shows the breadth of the compostable products industry, it also correlates to overall growth within the area of organics diversion,� says Steven Mojo, Executive Director of BPI. �For instance,, BioCycle�s free searchable database, mirrors this trend of growth in compostable products, with more facilities popping up across the U.S. and Canada.� (Full Article) Posted: 7-22-09

Beta Test Finds Air Curtain Reduces Drive-Thru Window Fumes

A recent beta test of an air curtain specially designed for restaurant drive-thru windows has proven to protect teenage workers from extreme temperature exposures and continual vehicle emissions inhalation, the latter which is a growing concern at the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA)�U.S. Department of Labor. (Full Article) Posted: 7-22-09

California Firm, Brewer Turning Spent Beer Yeast Into Ethanol

A San Diego green products maker is teaming with a microbrewery to help consumers convert spent beer yeast into ethanol. Karl Strauss Brewing of Southern California has agreed to supply GreenHouse Energy with 28 tons of spent beer yeast a week. GreenHouse says it will distribute the left-over yeast to homes and businesses that will use the company's E-Fuel MicroFueler system to convert it to ethanol. (Full Article) Posted: 7-21-09

Groups Lobby for �Water Footprint� on Food/Bev Items

Food and beverage items deserve a special label that indicates their �water footprint,� two food and health groups in the UK say. The Food Ethics Council and Sustain have released a joint report that lobbies the UK government for action on creating such a label. (Full Article) Posted: 7-21-09

Lighting Retrofits Help Hotels and Data Centers Cut Energy Costs

Lighting and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) retrofits are some of the easiest ways businesses including luxury hotels and data centers can cut their energy costs. Hotel lighting, for example, can account for up to 35 percent of a hotel�s energy bill, reports Hotel Interactive. (Full Article) Posted: 7-21-09

Styrofoam Ban Kicked to Curb

A bill that would have made California the first state in the U.S. to ban disposable foam food containers has been pulled from consideration by Peninsula Assemblyman Jerry Hill, who said the country�s economic crisis made it bad timing for such legislation. (Full Article) Posted: 7-16-09

Discarded Food Finds New Life as Electricity

San Francisco became the one of the first cities and counties in the country to adopt a mandatory recycling and composting ordinance for every building. The ordinance was aimed in part at capturing food scraps entering the waste stream and turning it into a rich soil benefiting area farmers, rather than clogging up the local landfill. Now that unwanted, thrown away food will soon find new life as electricity. The East Bay Municipal District (EBMUD), which supplies water and wastewater treatment to parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, plans to dramatically boost the amount of food scraps it converts to energy from 90 tons per week to 1,000 tons, or 200 tons per weekday. (Full Article) Posted: 7-16-09

States Aim to Assist Food Pantries; Many Laws Give Restaurant, Cafeteria Donors Extra Liability Protections

As pantries across the nation face increasing demands for help, a growing number of states have enacted or are considering laws to make it easier for restaurants to donate leftover food to charities. (Full Article) Posted: 7-15-09

GE Energy Debuts New LED Lamps for Restaurants

GE Consumer & Industrial has introduced two new lamps that enable restaurants and other commercial customers to make significant strides toward general lighting with white light-emitting diodes (LEDs). (Full Article) Posted: 7-14-09

German Scientist Cooks Up Idea for 'Waste-Free' Breweries

A scientist pondering the growing problem of brewery waste in Europe has devised a way to tap into the power of beer: He and his partners designed a system to recycle spent grains and wastewater to produce energy that can fuel the beermaking process. (Full Article) Posted: 7-14-09

Food Packaging Leaks BPA, Phthalates

At least 50 chemicals capable of interfering with hormones is permitted in packaging in the United States and the European Union, a recent study saysThe awareness of green issues remains at an all-time high among foodservice operators, and with good reason. Simply put, two factors continue to drive foodservice operators� interest in this area: customer demand and the realization that operating in an environmentally friendly manner can improve their profitability. And as they embrace this environmental spirit, end users look for ways to make sure their foodservice equipment continues to operate in the most efficient manner possible. (Full Article) Posted: 7-8-09

Consumer Survey Shows Green Is Mainstream

New results released today from a national survey, one of four annual surveys conducted by the Shelton Group, show most Americans are trying to buy more green products, but many don't have enough knowledge to make meaningful choices. (Full Article) Posted: 7-8-09

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