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It's a drinking straw, made from straw. Introducing Straw Straws

Sometimes the most sustainable way forward is backward, and considering the environmental havoc that plastics are creating in our world, perhaps it's time for the old-school method of making drinking straws from the stalks of rye to have its day in the sun again.

New water benchmarking scheme should reduce water use by 30%

BRITAIN'S FIRST national water benchmarking scheme should help businesses reduce water use by 30% and recoup up to £500m in lost annual revenue.

A Lean, Mean Kitchen Machine

Many kitchen equipment manufacturers have seen great benefits from the profound cultural change that comes with adopting Lean principles.

Is your food waste travelling further than it needs to?

United Kingdom: STEPH DALTON from Specialist Waste Recycling talks about recent market changes which could reduce your waste management costs.

Does your restaurant have a 'water issue'?

With water scarcity becoming a major issue in the largest metro areas of the U.S., including places such as San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix and others, environmental sustainability is seeping into the consciousness of consumers and operators across the nation. The issue recently ranked No. 3 on the list of the Top 10 Trends in the 2015 Culinary Forecast, according to the panelists at the NRA 2015 "Why Focusing on the Plant and People Builds Profit" session, which included Emilio Tenuta, VP of corporate sustainability for Ecolabs; Roger McClendon, Yum! Brands chief sustainability officer and Lisa Stanley, VP of strategic relationships for the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Piscivore's Dilemma

The oceans are in serious trouble, creating a tough question for consumers: Should I eat wild fish, farmed fish, or no fish at all? The author, a longtime student of marine environments, dove into an amazing new world of ethical harvesters, renegade farmers, and problem-solving scientists. The result: your guide to sustainably enjoying nature's finest source of protein.

Consumer Reports: What do shrimp labels mean?

Americans love shrimp. Each of us eats, on average, almost 4 pounds per year, making shrimp more popular than tuna, according to Consumer Reports. Once considered a special-occasion treat, shrimp has become so ubiquitous that we now expect to find it on the menu whether we're at a pricey steak house or a fast-food joint.

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