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How Our Appetite for Seafood Is Killing Our Oceans

We've gotten used to hearing warnings about the catastrophic declines of fish in the world's oceans. In "Countdown to Extinction," VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung traveled to several communities on the Indian Ocean where the consequences of overfishing are urgent and visible, changing not just the array of what's on ice in the supermarket case but actually reshaping the way people live.

Local and Sustainable … Sushi?

When you browse the menu at a sushi restaurant, you expect the typical options: salmon, tuna, crab, and eel. The predictability makes what is missing almost invisible—today's local catch. Many people may not even realize that their region's fish can be prime ingredients in sushi.

Avoiding the Icebergs Ahead

While it appears the industry is getting hit with a one-two punch from the DOE and EPA, that's not entirely the case.

Trends in Food for 2016

Food is a hot topic and a baseline issue for Americans as never before. When Kraft, Nestle and Hershey HSY -1.20% start switching out clever chemicals for natural ingredients you know that business leaders are paying attention to what has become mainstream practice: knowing about our food and wanting what we decide is best.

10 Food Waste Trends to Watch in 2016

What are you doing to reduce the amount of food waste in your restaurant? Andrew Shakman, CEO ofLeanPath, shared 10 waste trends to watch in 2016:

To Go Green, Bars Try To Reuse Their Booze

You probably don't waste a whole lot of wine or booze in your own home. But bars and restaurants throw out alcohol all the time. The booze, wine and beer left behind in customers' drinks have to be discarded per food safety law, of course. But what about the wine bottles designated for serving by the glass? Those dregs often go right down the drain. Just as the restaurant industry has been waking up to its significant contribution to the food waste problem — and coming up with creative solutions — bartenders are realizing they can also turn some of their waste into something useful. It's just one dimension of the new sustainability movement in the drinking industry that's seeking ways to reduce water use, packaging waste and energy.

Sustainable Packaging a 'Long-Term Trend' in Foodservice Industry

Sustainable packaging remains a long-term overall trend in the foodservice packaging industry, with an increasing focus on compostable packaging, according to the Foodservice Packaging Institute's 2015 Trends Report.

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