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Refrigeration Maintenance 101

Maintaining your refrigeration equipment can potentially save between 5 and 10 percent on energy costs. Save on energy costs with a well-maintained refrigerator. Just as regular oil changes keep your car running at peak performance, proper maintenance can significantly increase the life and efficiency of your commercial refrigeration equipment. (Full Article) Posted: 1-12-11

Brewers Association Redefines 'Small' Breweries

The board of directors of the Brewers Association (BA), the trade association representing the majority of U.S. brewing companies, voted to change the BA's designation of "small" in its definition of a "craft brewer." The Association's board of directors also revised its bylaws to reflect the change. (Full Article) Posted: 1-12-11

Pilot program at NYC restaurant chain to recycle most foodservice packaging

Soup and salad quick-service restaurant chain Pret A Manger, in partnership with Global Green's Coalition for Resource Recovery, has launched a three-store, eight-week pilot in New York City to recycle its sandwich and salad boxes, soup containers, coffee cups, and bottles and cans. While recycling coffee cups and beverage containers previously has been piloted, this is the first pilot to recycle a range of paper food-packaging items. (Full Article) Posted: 1-12-11

Marine Stewardship Council "Dupes" Consumers on Sustainable Seafood: Greenpeace

One of the main bodies that issues certifications for sustainable seafood, the Marine Stewardship Council, is potentially doing more harm than good, according to Greenpeace. Mat's written about the skepticism of MSC before�he called it the sustainable seafood smackdown. But Greenpeace is joining in, saying customers are being "duped." (Full Article) Posted: 1-12-11

Less Tray Dining

WHILE MANY ALL-YOU-CARE-TO-EAT college dining halls have opted to go trayless as a way to cut down on food waste, the University of Missouri-Columbia has decided to go another route. A compromise route, so to speak, that is not so much "trayless" as "less tray." (Full Article) Posted: 1-12-11

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