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Fried and Tested

A look at how manufactures are developing technology that uses less electricity, less gas and less oil.

Crops Among the Concrete

Demand is soaking for real, unprocessed food that is grown loacally. Can city populations become self-sufficient by growing food on their roofs?

Learn to use landfill bans to your advantage

As a restaurateur in San Francisco, I started composting and diverting waste from our restaurant, Scoma's, when the city issued composting and food waste mandates about 15 years ago. My boss, restaurant president Tom Creedon — along with our entire team — were instrumental in successfully implementing Scoma's waste diversion program.

Cut the clutter

Catering firms are faced with myriad eco-labels. But are they an essential part of communicating their ethics?

Three years on from the horsemeat scandal: 3 lessons we have learned

The horsemeat scandal of early 2013 sent shockwaves across the food industry. After weeks of bad headlines, the UK government finally responded by agreeing to an independent inquiry to look into how horsemeat got into ready meals and frozen beefburgers.

McDonald's trial cup recycling

Paper cups are notoriously hard to recycle as the polyethylene-coating means they can't be recycled amongst ordinary household waste.

Plastic plague?

NEW RESEARCH found microplastic debris in a quarter of fish sold for human consumption. But does marine litter really pose a health and safety risk?

Fishy goings on in foodservice

Mislabelling of supermarket fish has fallen dramatically thanks to regulation, media pressure and industry collaboration. The news is less positive for catering.

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