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Melink Intelli-Hood Bags 2015 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award

The US Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Melink's Intelli-Hood Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) System with the 2015 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award for its ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.(Full Article)

Designing restaurant kitchens to fit, not fight, the space

For almost 30 years, Jimi Yui has designed kitchens for chefs like Mario Batali, Eric Ripert and Masaharu Morimoto. "I think any decent designer will tell you that what we really do is listen really, really hard," he says.(Full Article)

Cut the clutter

CATERING FIRMS are faced with myriad eco-labels. But are they an essential part of communicating their ethics?(Full Article)

Restaurant made of entirely out of salt cleans polluted air

When we think of salt, we think of it as a way to season our food. But for the Iranian Emtiaz Designing Group, salt was the main material for a new kind of eco-friendly building, the Salt Restaurant of Shiraz in southern Iran, where the walls, tables and even the stairs were covered with a salty coating. Best of all, this layer of salt helps to clean the polluted air of the city, while also giving this eatery a distinctive identity.(Full Article)

EPA Launches Food Waste Reduction Toolkit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently unveiled its Reducing Wasted Food & Packaging Toolkit designed to "save money by reducing food and packaging waste." The initiative is aimed at food service facilities and provides technical services and support to save money and help the environment at the same time.(Full Article)

New York restaurants scramble for alternatives after city bans foam packaging

Starting in July, single-use foam packaging will be banned in New York City. What are the alternatives – and what will a foam-free city look like?(Full Article)

Teaching the Future of Foodservice Equipment

When it comes to foodservice equipment, culinary educators look to achieve two distinct educational outcomes. The first is to simply familiarize students with equipment common to many professional kitchens. This actually goes beyond familiarization, as students need to know how to cook on this equipment and perform basic maintenance.(Full Article)

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