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Zero waste heros

UNILEVER, NESTL� UK&I and 3663 are setting an example for caterers facing the tricky task of sending less waste to landfill, writes David Burrows. (Full Article)

Energy Use vs. Waste: The Quest for Bio-Polystyrene

I have this draft on bio-styrene for a couple of months now but has never been able to post it given that there are not many companies within the renewable chemicals industry developing plant-based styrene monomer alternatives. (Full Article)

Star Billing

On the 20th anniversary of the Energy Star energy efficiency programme, the Environmental Protection Agency announces new equipment updates and goals. (Full Article)

In Step with the Future

Pressure is mounting on the foodservice industry to make sustainability a priority. It's an appraoch that's good for business, argues Sue Wakefield, and it can be adopted a little at a time. (Full Article)

New mobile app helps diners find sustainable restaurants

A new free mobile application and website, GoPure, beta launched this week, helping users find, share, and learn about healthy and sustainable dining options. The app, currently for iPhone and Android, provides information on the food sourcing and environmentally sensitive choices of restaurants, helping people make decisions based on eating preferences such as organic and locally sourced food, gluten-free or vegan options and the efficient use of natural resources. (Full Article)

What Was Hot, Cool & Green at The NAFEM Show

Anyone attending The NAFEM Show from February 7 to 9 with the goal of greening up their kitchen would have found hundreds of ways to do so thanks to the innovations brought to the trade show floor by the more than 500 exhibitors in attendance. The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers event, held every two years, attracted approximately 20,000 foodservice professionals to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. (Full Article)

Ware next?

Cost cutting, labour savings and energy conservation remain the panaceas for what ails all foodservice equipment segments, including warewashing. "All manufacturers are driving toward saving costs and energy," says Mike Kell, vice president at SSA, a consultancy based in Tampa Bay, Florida. "It's a worldwide mandate." (Full Article)

The Climate Connection

Our industry is uniquely placed to shape the change in eating habits that can have a lasting effect on the future of the planet itself. Clara Ming Pi explains the connections from plate to planet. (Full Article)

3 ways businesses can target consumer food waste

Americans love convenience, and throwing away unwanted food is very convenient. My recent article describes why businesses should encourage their customers to throw away less food. Next comes the question of how: How can businesses target consumer food waste? Let's look at the options. Note that your business situation and customers are unique, so you will want to use a customized strategy. (Full Article)

Green Tip: Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems have improved dramatically over the years, and the range of options for use and types of use have increased, as well. Not only do many operators install water filtration systems or softeners to slow the wear and tear on their ice machines, steamers and other water-based equipment and ensure optimal performance of these items, they also use different types to enhance coffee and beverage service, develop and carbonate their own healthy sodas, even recreate water with a chemical composition similar to that in New York City to help make the region's infamous pizza and bagels in other parts of the country. Think green meets value-added. (Full Article)

Spoiler Alert: How £90m a year is going up in smoke

IT'S SEVEN o'clock in the morning and staff are preparing the kitchens for the hungry breakfast crowd. The grill goes on ready for a hard morning's work and won't be shut down until well past midday. Ovens, hobs, dishwashers, fridges and extractors will all be used and will cost the client hundreds or even thousands of pounds for electricity and gas. This is the high-energy life of contract catering. (Full Article)

Global campaign to cut "foodprint"

RESTAURANTS, PUBS and hotels are being encouraged to limit menu choices and introduce flexible portioning as part of a new global campaign to cut food waste. (Full Article)

Gurnard and mackerel no longer sustainable

AFTER YEARS of being a popular sustainable choice, mackerel should no longer be appearing so regularly on menus. The oily fish, which is packed with Omega 3, has been removed from the Marine Conservation Society's (MCS) latest Fish to Eat list and is now rated by the charity as a fish to eat only occasionally. (Full Article)

Restaurant food waste concern

While hundreds of establishments have taken steps to reduce food waste, the industry average still stands at almost half a kilo of waste per diner. The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) said such waste levels are "unacceptable", and it is trying to encourage more restaurants to cut portion sizes or offer doggie bags to customers for their leftovers. (Full Article)

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