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Deadline for entry to the Awards has been extended to 19th March 2012

It's tough working towards sustainability, particularly in this economic environment, so let's get together and celebrate what's been achieved in foodservice. Let's take the opportunity to get better informed about the scope of the effort being made towards becoming a more sustainable sector and inspire more involvement from companies and the individuals that work there. The Footprint Awards are not only about recognising the achievements of companies and individuals, but also creating a legacy that promotes the vital role of sustainability in our industry and the opportunities to make a real difference by getting involved. (Full Article)

Energy Efficiency Project Launched in California Restaurants

UNILEVER FOOD Solutions has launched an interactive video wall for operators to share their success and exchange best practice on reducing avoidable food waste. (Full Article)

NRA announces Kitchen Innovation Award Winners

The National Restaurant Association has named the recipients of its 2012 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award, which recognizes cutting-edge kitchen equipment in the foodservice market.An independent panel of judges comprised of internationally recognized food facilities consultants, multi-unit executives and design experts selected KI Award recipients for innovations that improve quality, productivity, service and sustainability. (Full Article)

Energy Efficiency Project Launched in California Restaurants

A pilot project has been launched in California to promote energy and water efficiency at restaurants. The project, designed by Demand Management Installation Services (DMIS) and the Food Service Technology Center, an energy efficiency program for foodservice funded by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, is now underway with Bridges Restaurant and Bar in the San Francisco area. (Full Article)

Building Labor-Saving Foodservice Equipment into Designs

When the National Restaurant Association released its What's Hot in 2012 survey, we saw many trends spilling over from the previous year including: local foods, healthier eating and lighter kid's menus, in-house butchering, artisan foods and culinary cocktails. But another theme in the report was the prevalence of the use of labor-saving equipment and the need to incorporate these items while continuing to expand and improve menus. (Full Article)

Special Report: Smart Machines

Achieving efficiencies of all sorts is the name of the game when it comes to today's hot restaurant equipment. From heat-reclaiming dishwashers to so-called smart kitchens and voice-recognition technology, restaurateurs are looking for equipment that reduces waste, saves money, speeds operations, increases accuracy, eliminates guesswork and opens the door to new opportunities. Here are five trends fueling the industry's equipment advances and a look at how the resulting tools are helping operators achieve all types of efficiencies: (Full Article)

Rex Hospital to Deep-six its Deep Fryers

Folks queued up Tuesday morning in the Rex Hospital cafeteria for free samples of baked seasoned potato wedges. That was the hospital's way of breaking the news to employees that the cafeteria's deep-fat fryers will be removed this spring. Rex is joining hospitals across the nation in practicing the good health habits that they preach by eliminating all fried foods from its menus for both patients and employees. (Full Article)

An Introduction to Solar Hot Water Systems

An increasing number of solar thermal systems are being used by the hospitality industry. Almost every brand has invested in this technology to lower heating bills. These systems work in a wide variety of climates from southern Singapore to northern Denmark and throughout the United States. (Full Article)

Green Disposables

The concept of greenwashing has impacted foodservice equipment with the occasional stretched energy-efficiency claim. The packaging and disposables sector is no different. Terms like biodegradable and compostable have flown around on labels and as part of marketing and promotional efforts for years. But just like the organic market, certification is needed to make a claim of compostable. (Full Article)

The Food Waste/Sustainable Packaging Connection

Sustainable packaging is emerging as a tool to mitigate food waste in the U.S. In this Q&A, GMA's Meghan Stasz discusses the issues behind this product-package relationship. (Full Article)

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