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Compostable packaging's 'overwhelming number of mentions' in foodservice report

This recent headline in the Guardian's sustainable business section really says it all: "we can't go on as we are: why sustainability is the big issue of our time." So it's not surprising that a new report from the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) describes sustainability as driving foodservice packaging, or that a study released by PMMI at more or less the same time has identified a "stronger influence of recycling and environmental issues" as one of three global packaging trends.

The four fish we're overeating — and what to eat instead

The way we fish for popular seafood such as salmon, tuna and shrimp is threatening to ruin our oceans. Paul Greenberg explores the sheer size and irrationality of the seafood economy, and suggests a few specific ways we can change it, to benefit both the natural world and the people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods.

AP: Global supermarkets selling shrimp peeled by slaves

Every morning at 2 a.m., they heard a kick on the door and a threat: Get up or get beaten. For the next 16 hours, No. 31 and his wife stood in the factory that owned them with their aching hands in ice water. They ripped the guts, heads, tails and shells off shrimp bound for overseas markets, including grocery stores and all-you-can-eat buffets across the United States.

Are slaves peeling your shrimp? Here's what you need to know

An Associated Press investigation found enslaved migrant workers and children ripping the heads, tails, shells and guts off shrimp at processing factories in Thailand. AP journalists followed and filmed trucks loaded with freshly peeled shrimp going from one peeling shed to major Thai exporting companies. Then, using U.S. customs records and Thai industry reports, they tracked it globally. They also traced similar connections from another factory raided six months earlier, and interviewed more than two dozen workers from both sites.

Raising the bottom line: Why restaurants should reduce packaging footprint, increase recycling

Sustainability, reducing packaging waste and the increased use of recycling have become more important to restaurant customers, which means they are important to brands hoping to increase their bottom lines. New advances in technology and a more general awareness of the sustainability movement has resulted in a greater emphasis on the social-responsibility aspect of re-use, recycling and reducing food waste.

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