Archives - December 2007

Flavoring Additive Puts Professional Cooks at Risk

America's favorite breakfast is bacon and eggs -- and often it is cooked in a product that contains the same chemical that has damaged and destroyed the lungs of hundreds of popcorn and food-flavoring plant workers. (Full Article) Posted: 12-27-07

New Green Building Concept Moves Forward

It looks like a cross between Seattle's space needle and something architect Frank Lloyd Wright might have influenced, but developers of the 997-square-foot 1 Odd Duck iBuilding, an environmentally friendly, technology-based, media-driven concept, was designed with drive-thru, quick-serve restaurants in mind. (Full Article) 12-27-07

Catch of the Day: Sustainable Fish

Ten years ago, Henry and Lisa Lovejoy stood ankle-deep amid dead tuna in a Tokyo warehouse the size of a football field. The tuna were headed to the dinner tables of Japan, and the warehouses would fill with fresh kill the next day. And the next. And the next. Some tuna were so young, they hadn't reproduced. (Full Article) 12-5-07

Food Banks, in a Squeeze, Tighten Belts

Food banks around the country are reporting critical shortages that have forced them to ration supplies, distribute staples usually reserved for disaster relief and in some instances close. (Full Article) 12-5-07

Chile's Flourishing Fish Farms Prompt Fears for Ecosystem

Newcomers to Patagonia can't even make it out of the airport here without encountering a stunning view of sparkling Lake Llanquihue, with the snow-peaked cone of Osorno volcano rising in the background. It's a huge photograph hanging in the terminal, actually, and the buoys pictured floating in the glassy water give away its intent: It's an ad for commercial salmon farming, which has become the economic backbone of Patagonia's lakes region.(Full Article) 12-5-07

Major Supermarkets Chillin' for the Environment - EPA Launches the GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership

Major supermarkets today joined with EPA to show that protecting the stratospheric ozone layer is cool -- literally. EPA and the supermarket, refrigeration equipment and chemical refrigerant industries launched the new GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership - a voluntary program to promote green technologies, strategies, and practices that protect the stratospheric ozone layer, reduce greenhouse gases, and save money. (Full Article) 12-5-07

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