Fishnick Launches Fe3 Online Sustainability Training Program

Ever wonder if there is some sort of certification out there to demonstrate proficiency in energy efficiency and sustainability knowledge?

58 Organizations Fighting Food Waste Around the World

It's no secret that food loss and food waste are big problems. At least 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year—in fields, during transport, in storage, at restaurants, and in markets in industrialized and developed countries alike. In rich countries alone, some 222 million tons of food is wasted, which is almost as much as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa. And according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), wasted food costs some US$680 billion in industrialized countries and US$310 billion in developing countries.

Cascades Sonoco Introduces Industry's First Water-Based Barrier Coating

After three years of rigorous product development and field trial work, Cascades Sonoco, a joint venture of Sonoco Products Company (SON), one of the largest global diversified packaging companies, and Cascades, a leader in the recovery and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue products, introduces a water-based barrier coating to replace the standard polyethylene coating used on folding carton grades to make traditional food take-out containers. Incorporating the new FlexSHIELD™ Barrier Coating makes the take out box compostable when applied to recycled paperboard, without compromising critical barrier performance.

The 3 Ps of an effective sustainability story

Sustainability communications is experiencing a rebirth, a sort of renaissance driven by a newfound purpose. Sustainability managers are teamed up with internal communications and marketing teams and have sought out specific expertise in an effort to shed — once and for all — the image that these actions are greenwashing. This collaborative trifecta has borne a new era in meaningful sustainability storytelling.

Oceana Reveals Shortfalls in Proposed Traceability Rule to Address Seafood Fraud

Undercover Federal agents posing as Russian mobsters catch a New England fishing magnate cooking his books to hide $154 million worth of misrepresented seafood... DNA tests reveal that a Virginia seafood supplier was regularly undermining Chesapeake Bay watermen and misleading consumers, by importing cheaper swimming crab and falsely labeling it as the iconic Chesapeake blue crab...

NRA 2016 focuses on sustainability, technology

From 100 percent compostable food packaging and reclaimed wood furniture options on the show floor to entire educational tracks dedicated to food waste and responsible sourcing, the theme of sustainability was evident throughout the entire show.

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