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Saving energy with employee engagement: Strategies for restaurants

An effective energy strategy must also have at its core an energy plan: i.e., the core elements of the measures that will be taken. The plan should be concise. It should have a clear goal and roughly four main objectives, corresponding with the areas where energy is to be conserved. It should ensure accountability for all aspects throughout the organization. This way, the monitoring is set up to succeed.

What Oysters Reveal About Sea Change

This is kind of the good news/bad news department, as so many things are: The good news is that terrific oysters are being farmed in several locations in California; the bad news is that ocean acidification — the absorption of carbon dioxide into the sea, a direct result of high levels of carbon in the atmosphere — is a direct threat to that industry.

Do Fish Names Encourage Fishy Business?

Order a rockfish at a restaurant in Maryland, and you'll likely get a striped bass. Place the same order in California, and you could end up with a vermilion rockfish, a Pacific Ocean perch or one of dozens of other fish species on your plate.

A Knockout Blow for American Fish Stocks

NEW ENGLAND has long been synonymous with cod fishing. Since the 1600s, cod have been central to the region's development, even giving Massachusetts' famous cape its name. The fish were once so abundant, according to a local anecdote, that you could almost walk across the ocean on their backs.

Best Practice Film: Energy & Natural Resource In The Hospitality Sector

FOOTPRINT, SPIRIT Pub Co and Cyrus Todiwala in association with Total, Inenco, Winterhalter and Web Light look at the impacts of energy and natural resource in the pub and hospitality sectors. Watch thought leadership from a large-scale operator; see for yourself the work that's going into mitigating impacts.

When sustainable packaging perceptions are trumped by reality

Contains no BPA. 100% recyclable. 100% compostable and/or biodegradable. Made from renewable resources. Safe for the environment. Voila! Sustainable packaging! Or is it?

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