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CARD Highlights Foodservice Equipment Rebates

Online commercial refrigeration retailer developed a Commercial Appliance Rebate Database (CARD) that helps foodservice professionals find online commercial rebates. (Full Article)

SCA Tork's 2012 Green Business Survey: 'Green' and 'Sustainable' the New Norm

The "green" movement has become a pressing issue in multiple industries, particularly in restaurants and food service. Restaurateurs have to decide how they will effectively incorporate sustainability into their business practice. These concerns are reflected in SCA's fourth Green Business Survey which clearly shows that the green movement is not a trend and that consumers expect brands they trust to make a commitment to sustainability. SCA is a global personal hygiene product company ranked as one of the world's most sustainable companies and maker of the Tork Brand. (Full Article)

Saving Energy through Equipment Startup Schedules

It should be as simple as it sounds. Turn something on when you need it. Turn it off when you don't. Yet for decades kitchen workers have done exactly the opposite. In fact, even the most prestigious of culinary schools have taught future cooks to fire up the grills the moment they walk in the restaurant door, even if service doesn't begin for hours. (Full Article)

Canadian Operators to Get Environmental Resource

The National Restaurant Association and the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) have formed a partnership to launch a Canadian version of the NRA's Conserve Sustainability Education Program. The initiative will provide Canadian restaurant operators and foodservice establishments with tools and information to become more environmentally friendly in areas ranging from energy use to waste management. (Full Article)

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