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Picnick Holistic Lunch Stand

Picnick is a sustainable food kiosk located in the Battery Conservancy of New York City. As a mini model of consumer & eco conscious food service, Picnick sources most ingredients from small farms and local businesses; any global vendors must meet Fair Trade quotas or adhere to a socially conscious philanthropy. (Full Article) 8-31-07

'Get Local' Campaign Aims At Its Neighbours

The 100-mile diet got Vancouverites interested in the idea of consuming food grown close to home. And now, local-food advocates have crafted a "Get Local" brand so farmers, retailers, distributors and restaurants can label their products and make them easily identifiable on store shelves and restaurant menus. (Full Article) 8-29-07

Sustainable Living: Lesson in smart school lunches

As our children go back to school soon, they might be missing a crucial lesson: Low-fat vegetarian lunches rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains can help young people maintain healthy body weights and reduce the risk of chronic disease later in life. (Full Article) 8-26-07

Webby Awards Seek World's Best Restaurant Sites

At which awards show do restaurant executives get to share the stage with Al Gore, David Bowie, Meg Whitman, and the Beastie Boys? At The Webby Awards, the only award ceremony that Vanity Fair of the Internet" by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile Websites. (Full Article) 8-23-07

When the Sun Is Shining, Break Out the Solar Oven

Solar cooking has long been the domain of wilderness campers looking to harness the sun's energy to make backwoods brownies.

Brook Kavanagh, chef at the French bistro La Palette in Toronto, is a recent convert. Cooking with the sun, he says, is no different thanconventional means. (Full Article) 8-22-07

Field Guide to Eco-Friendly, Efficient, Effective Print

Monadnock Paper Mills' recently released a how-to guide for creating more sustainable print material called A Field Guide: Eco-Friendly, Efficient and Effective Print. The guide provides comprehensive information on paper, ink, packaging and the entire printing process. It is an excellent resource for businesses that design their own advertising and media. (Full Article) 8-22-07

Maple Pillbox Hat Hard Drive from Suissa Computers

Suissa, a Canadian electronics company that makes their cases out of hardwood has just introduced a external harddrive and USB hub. They also make stereo systems that would look exquisite in a dining room or wood trimmed lounge. (Full Article) 8-22-07

Sustainable Table's Eat Well Guided Tour

Well that's one way to get to Farm Aid 2007: Sustainable Table is taking the scenic route in a biofueled bus across the country to Randall's Island, New York City in search of the best pie in America, and making stops at some of the nation's most sustainable farms and restaurants in over 25 states. (Full Article) 8-21-07

School Chef Has No Taste For Red Tape

Chicago Public Schools made news a few years ago for adding healthier fare to cafeteria menus and vending machines. Juice replaced soda. Beef was swapped for turkey. Low-fat cheese topped pizzas.

But the recent withdrawal of the first and only organic meal program in the district highlights the difficulties of replacing frozen vegetables with fresh produce when the nation's schools are on the front line in the fight against childhood obesity. (Full Article) 8-19-07

New Energy Star Specifications for Commercial Dishwashers and Ice Machines

Today EPA is announcing specifications for two new commercial food service products -- dishwashers and ice machines -- that will earn the Energy Star label. More efficient commercial kitchen equipment can save restaurants and food service facilities from 10 to 30 percent on commercial kitchen energy consumption. (Full Article) 8-1-07

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