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Moving from Green Cleaning to Cleaning Sustainability

For those that may have missed it, the $50 billion-plus professional cleaning industry has become one of the "greenest" industries in the U.S. Once viewed as a fad, environmentally preferable "green" cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment are now widely manufactured and used in facilities throughout the country.

Embracing Energy Efficiencies

Margins are tight and unforgiving in the restaurant business, but an obvious opportunity for savings comes in the form of energy efficiency, and numerous state-funded programs offer cost-cutting incentives to help businesses become more sustainable.

Beyond the Menu: Sustainable Restaurant Trends

The National Restaurant Association's 2016 Culinary Forecast identifies the 20 top restaurant trends to watch in 2016. Want a few highlights? Check out these rankings: Locally-sourced meat and seafood top the list at No. 1. The No. 3 and No. 4 spots are filled by local produce and hyper-local sourcing. Environmental sustainability and sustainable seafood help fill the top 10 (along with natural ingredients and healthful kids' meals), and food waste and reduction management appear at No. 19.

How technology is tackling the food waste problem

Major industries like travel and retail have been positively impacted by the adoption of new technology and data collection. Allowing for dynamic pricing and customer segmentation, big data provides a wealth of benefits, but the restaurant and bar industry has been slow to adopt change and embrace the inevitability of new technology standards.

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