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Small Box Retail: Think Outside the Energy Box

Energy Management Systems (EMS's) are ubiquitous in the big box retail environment, and even in medium box stores, but have been less so in small box retail (defined for our purposes as facilities under 10,000 sq. ft.), although that appears to be changing. What has been unique about the small box world, and why are we seeing it change?(Full Article)

Toolkit published to help operators reduce food waste

The Food Waste Reduction Alliance has published the Best Practices and Emerging Solutions Toolkit to help foodservice businesses reduce food waste. The FWRA is a cross-sector industry initiative led by the Food Marketing Institute, the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the National Restaurant Association, according to a news release.(Full Article)

National parks push for sustainable food services

If your spring or summer travel plans this year include a national park visit, be sure to check out the healthier food options that are showing up in cafeterias and restaurants at our public lands crown jewels — and if you find some, be sure to give the chef and the park a shout-out to help encourage the transition to more sustainable eating habits.(Full Article)

Warewashing: Clean and green

With sustainability high on the agenda, warewasher manufacturers have been focusing on energy efficiency.CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, reports that the key issues in terms of establishing benchmark standards for dishwashing under the Energy-Related Products Directive (formerly the Eco Design Directive) are functionality, hygiene and energy efficiency; the dishwasher regulations are due to be published in 2015. - See more at: Article)

Eating Lionfish

Environmentalists are hoping more lionfish will show up on your dinner plate. The predatory Asian fish, with its distinctive stripes, venomous spines and extravagant fanlike fins, has invaded Caribbean and Atlantic waters, endangering other species and coral reefs. The idea is to make them popular as a food to reduce their numbers. In New York, Ryan Chadwick serves them deliciously fried, in tacos and pan-roasted, in his Bahamian restaurant, Norman's Cay.(Full Article)

Green Seal Develops New Restaurant Sustainability Certification

Green Seal, an independent non-profit providing sustainability certification for products and services, launched a new sustainability standard for restaurants and non-commercial foodservice operators in conjunction with The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition (GCRC) and The Rosenthal Group.(Full Article)

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