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Local Sourcing: Restaurants 'Farm It Out'

Three months ago, the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill debuted 1.5.0., a proprietary concept dedicated to showcasing items sourced from North Carolina or within 150 miles of campus. (Full Article) Posted: 04-9-10

Designing an Efficient Kitchen

Efficiency is a term buzzing through today's foodservice industry a little more than usual. From reducing customer wait time to decreasing consumption of natural resources to making the most of an operation's dollar, efficiency applies to almost every part of the business. Nonetheless it has only one definition: maximizing production with the fewest resources. (Full Article) Posted: 04-8-10

NRA launches Greener Restaurants recognition program

The National Restaurant Association has launched the pilot of its new initiative and Web site, Greener Restaurants -- a national program to recognize restaurants' environmental sustainability efforts. (Full Article) Posted: 04-6-10

Recycled Cooking Oil Found to Be Latest Hazard in China

Regulators are investigating whether restaurants throughout China are creating food hazards by cooking with recycled oil, some tainted with food waste, and prominence given to the issue in the state-controlled media suggests that the problem could be widespread. (Full Article) Posted: 04-6-10

Water-based Products Reduce Environmental Impact of Cleaning

Any discussion about green cleaning today should include the ways that water—plain old H2O—is being used to replace the toxic chemicals that cleaning and maintenance personnel have had to work with for decades. Cold water poured straight from the tap and used in that state is not going to clean much but if heated to a high temperature, ionized or infused with an extra oxygen atom, it can be just as effective or more effective at cleaning than the harshest chemicals. (Full Article) Posted: 04-6-10

Eco-friendly Fare

Eco-friendly containers are now the only food containers allowed in San Bruno, a ordinance that goes into effect over one year after the City Council approved it. Starting yesterday, San Bruno became the latest city to ban polystyrene foam (commonly known as Styrofoam) and solid polystyrene — often clear with a plastic appearance. Originally approved in a split vote by the City Council in January 2009, the ordinance was delayed from taking effect to allow businesses time to find cost-effective quality green options. On the first day, many restaurant owners seemed OK with the move although they still had concerns over the price. (Full Article) Posted: 04-5-10

Ten Elements of Any Smart Kitchen – and Smart Operator Practices

Smart kitchens satisfy two important hospitality constants: the consumer's desire for interesting and good food and the foodservice operator's desire to offer appealing food, prepared efficiently and profitably. Smart kitchen planning can help operators achieve these important goals. (Full Article) Posted: 04-5-10

In Florida, the Seafood Becomes Less Local

The postcard Florida experience: sun, fun and plenty of local seafood. It was the latter that brought Gary and Vicki Haller from Kansas to Wahoo’s here last week, with its waterfront views, toucan colors and promise of fresh food “from our docks.” (Full Article) Posted: 04-5-10

New Ratings for Sustainability in British Restaurants

It's not quite a Michelin Star, but it could be soon. The newly formed Sustainable Restaurant Association will rate restaurants according to how green and sustainable they are. Launched with the backing of leading restaurants and seriously important English chefs, participating restaurants will be visited by a green inspector. They had better watch out... (Full Article) Posted: 04-2-10

Waste Not, Want Not

Here are the top five energy-wasting misdemeanors of restaurant-chain employees. (Full Article) Posted: 04-2-10

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