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Without Cafeteria Trays, Colleges Find Savings

John Belushi memorialized them in “Animal House” as he stockpiled edible projectiles for an epic food fight. Generations of college students in the Northeast have deployed them as makeshift sleds. But the once-ubiquitous cafeteria tray, with so many glasses of soda, juice and milk lined up across the top, could soon join the typewriter as a campus relic. (Full Article) Posted: 4-29-09

No Tuna, No Salmon. No Oysters, No Skate. No Cod and Chips

As I step off the train at Heysel, in the shadow of the notorious football stadium, the vast art deco structure of the Palais du Centenaire rises like a cathedral. With its four soaring buttresses topped by statues, the Palais forms the centrepiece of the Parc des Expositions in Brussels - a trade-fair complex built in the 1930s to commemorate a century of independence from the Netherlands. This is the temporary home of thousands of fish products from around the world as 23,000 delegates descend from 80 countries for the annual European Seafood Exposition - the world's largest seafood trade show and a grim reminder of man's dominion over the oceans. (Full Article) Posted: 4-29-09

New Green Certification Guidelines

For six months, the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) has operated under overhauled certification standards, dubbed Green Restaurant 4.0. And for six months, Michael Oshman, executive director of the GRA, has received nothing but compliments about it. (Full Article) Posted: 4-29-09

Sustainable Agriculture Leaders Recognized By Natural Resources Defense Council's Growing Green Awards

After years of toiling in relative obscurity, leaders in the sustainable agriculture community are being recognized for their efforts. The latest national group offering food system awards is the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Vying for the First Annual Growing Green Awards are nine nominees in three categories, some of whom are already national figures and others whose hard work is just being recognized nationally. And the nominees are... (Full Article) Posted: 4-27-09

Canadian Restaurants Ask for Transparency on Card Fees

Despite testimony in the Senate over the past few days, Canadian restaurateurs are still baffled by the skyrocketing credit card fees being charged to restaurants each time a customer pays with Visa or MasterCard. (Full Article) Posted: 4-27-09

Green Restaurants Might Have an Edge--Even in the Recession

According to a recent national online poll, the economy has not dampened the green commitments of most consumers, and restaurants with a clear green focus have an advantage over otherwise comparable dining choices. (Full Article) Posted: 4-17-09

LEED 2009 and its Impact on Foodservice Equipment Selection

The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED 2009 umbrella of rating systems, including LEED for Retail launching this summer, will pave the way for more restaurants and operators to seek LEED certification, while positioning foodservice professionals as integral figures in the process. (Full Article) Posted: 4-17-09

ENERGY STAR® Commercial Food Service Newsletter

In this issue... Bargreen Ellingson Makes Energy Efficiency a Priority, ITW Food Equipment Group Named 2009 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, ENERGY STAR CFS Product Development Update, ENERGY STAR Meets with Industry Stakeholders and Associations, NRA Kitchens Innovations Award: ENERGY STAR Partners Garner Top Prizes, Apply for a $5,000 Sustainability Grant, EPA Recognizes ENERGY STAR Partners for Leadership (Full Article) Posted: 4-12-09

EPA Announces New Requirements for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers to Earn Energy Star

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is announcing new Energy Star requirements for commercial refrigerators and freezers, which, on average, will be 33 percent more energy efficient than standard models. If all commercial refrigerators and freezers sold in the United States meet the new Energy Star specification, the energy savings would grow to $275 million per year and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those outputted from nearly 400,000 vehicles. (Full Article) Posted: 4-12-09

Kitchen Grease is New Hot Commodity

From the smell of the stuff, you wouldn't think anyone would want the gunk that collects in grease traps behind Metro Detroit's restaurants and bars. For two men busted in Westland, however, that kitchen grease may have had the smell of money. And they aren't the only ones who see the byproduct of deep frying as valuable material, police said. The increased use of biofuels in recent years has made yellow grease the kind of item people are willing to steal. Produced from the frying oils used in food production, the grease can easily be converted into biodiesel fuel and used in most diesel engines without modifying the machinery. (Full Article) Posted: 4-12-09

S.F.'s Scraps Bring Joy to Area Farmers

Every morning, garbage trucks swing by the Hotel Nikko, the Palace Hotel and MoMo's, picking up food left on dinner plates and in San Francisco chefs' kitchens. Green crews hit neighborhoods from the Mission to the Sunset, collecting oatmeal, chicken bones and dead tree leaves. (Full Article) Posted: 4-12-09

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