Archives - April 2007

National Restaurant Association Joins Fight Against "Hidden" Credit Card Transaction Fees Imposed on Restaurant Merchants

The National Restaurant Association has joined the fight against major credit card companies who impose "hidden" fees - known as interchange fees - on restaurant merchants. The Association has signed on as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against MasterCard® and Visa® credit card companies and other banks for violating federal antitrust laws. The complaint in the lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction barring the companies from continuing practices that violate antitrust law. (Full Article) 4-25-07

Chemicals Found in Detergents, Cosmetics Disrupting Hormone Activity in Fish -- and Humans

Scientists are suggesting a common cause for two seemingly unrelated events, the feminization of fish in Jamaica Bay, where the former 50-50 male-to-female ratio has all but disappeared, and enlarged breasts in young boys.
The common factor: endocrine disruptors, chemicals found in detergents, cosmetics and other products of daily living that increasing numbers of scientists now believe play havoc with normal hormone activity. (Full Article) 4-25-07

Energy Incentive Program Earns National Recognition

Oregon has been recognized for an innovative program that saves restaurants and foodservice operators energy and money. Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc., received a Certificate of Recognition for a comprehensive program to promote ENERGY STAR® qualified commercial food service equipment to Oregon restaurants and foodservice operators. Participants in the first stage of the program are already saving $760,000 in total annual energy costs. (Full Article) 4-10-07

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